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  1. TSN Presents All Four Rounds of PGA Championship in High Definition
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  25. FreeHD Service
  26. Canada Lacking in HD channels.
  27. Spike HD and KTLAHD
  28. History Channel HD Launching Oct 26 2009
  29. History Television HD launches October 8th!
  30. Discovery HD Investigates the Strangest Fatalities for Halloween
  31. MExcess and MFun go HD Nov. 1
  32. re: News and Learning HD on BELL??
  33. The-Out-Of-Towners avail. on TCM but not TCM HD
  34. MovieTime HD to launch this March
  35. Bold HD possibly launching in time for the World Cup
  36. Discovery HD Gripe
  37. Setanta Sports HD To Launch in August
  38. Rush HD becomes radX
  39. HD Question
  40. WFN HD launches on September 2 on Rogers
  41. GSN HD to Launch
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  44. Hgtv Hd
  45. Family HD Launching Soon?
  46. The Weather Network HD Launching Jan 2011
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  48. Telus HD Channel List Vancouver
  49. eqhd bringing TEDTalks to Canadian Television for the first time
  50. Can i play Standard dvd discs in High Definition on a HD dvd?
  51. 3net Launch, the 24/7 3D Television Network, in the U.S. February 13, 2011 on DirecTV
  52. Showcase Action HD And Cosmo HD
  53. GOL TV Canada HD Info
  54. Confirmed: MuchMusic HD on June 1st
  55. Much Music HD Question
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  57. The Weather Network HD launching
  58. Bell adds Much, HLN and Disney XD HD.
  59. Treasure HD rebrands as HiFi
  60. The Shopping Channel HD launches
  61. CTV Two Vancouver/Victoria Now Available in HD
  62. Food Network is Now in HD
  63. Bravo!HD Now Available
  64. comedy HD
  65. Animal Planet, Discovery Science, and ID go HD Today
  66. Shaw adds SPACE, Bravo!, BNN, Discovery & Animal Planet HD
  67. Blue Ant Media Acquires High Fidelity HDTV; Torstar purchases 25% of Blue Ant Media
  68. HDNet rebrands as AXS
  69. Peachtree TV HD arrives in Canada
  70. Hollywood Suite HD on Bell good deal!
  71. AMI-tv launches in HD this Dec
  72. Non HD Specialty Channels
  73. Videotron launching 4K UHD DVR illico Terminal, Channel