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  1. CosmoTV to ExpressVu 608
  2. Showcase HD and National Geographic HD now on Bell ExpressVU
  3. Videotron Free Preview February
  4. MTS: New Channels
  5. Star Choice: New Channels
  6. New french channel
  7. Audio Dropouts - ShowHD on ExpressVU
  8. Class-Action Against Bell ExpressVu
  9. Access: New Channels
  10. Novus: New Channels
  11. Free Preview of Documentary and Bold
  12. Rogers removing some PPV channels
  13. StarChoice pulls CTV Calgary, Citytv Winnipeg, SUN TV, CBC Regina, Global Maritimes
  14. Free Preview August Discovery Kids (Videotron)
  15. ExpressVu renamed "Bell TV"
  16. Star Choice removes TFO
  17. Shaw HD versus Bell HD
  18. New On-Demand Interface
  19. NBA league pass Vancouver
  20. Digital Transition in the U.S.: No changes to Videoton
  21. Shaw removes NASCAR Hot Pass
  22. Rogers price increases
  23. Cogeco Freepreviews
  24. Free Preview of FashionTelevision in March
  25. Star Choice drops a few channels...
  26. MTS Launches HDTV in Winnipeg
  27. bpm:tv FREE in April
  28. TMN price increase
  29. Star Choice becomes Shaw Direct?
  30. Persona in ON and QC becomes EastLink
  31. Vidéotron owner Supports fee-for-carriage
  32. Cdn Broadcasting Distribution Industry Reports Revenues of Over 10 billion Dollars
  33. Rogers Inks New Vod Deal
  34. Telus TV launches satellite TV service for BC & AB
  35. Shaw Direct to start offering Fox News as an "opt-in" channel
  36. Shaw screw up billing .. go figure
  37. Rogers Cable technical failure
  38. Shaw removing BBC Kids, CourtTV and DK
  39. Shaw Direct removing Discovery Kids, BBC Kids, Court TV & TV Land
  40. Shaw buys Hamilton's Mountain Cable for $300 Million.
  41. Maxtrax Dis-continue'd
  42. SHAWDirect launches iWeatherChannel
  43. Rogers Drops NTV, Global Winnipeg & St. John's
  44. Shaw initiates predatory price war, targets select customers
  45. Rogers backs down, keeps WPBS, WQLN
  46. Bell TV drops CityTV Vancouver HD
  47. Nimiq 5
  48. Monthly Cable/Dish Bill
  49. Ctv Comes To Rogers Ondemand
  50. Bell TV channel names
  51. BellTV CBS College Sports
  52. A Letter From Rogers - LPIF and FFC
  53. Rogers sues Shaw over Mountain Cablevision
  54. CRTC Orders Shaw Direct to carry CBC Regina
  55. Was CHEK dumped by Shaw Direct?
  56. ACCESS Alberta on Rogers?
  57. Schedule Makes No Sense
  58. LPIF: Videotron increases monthly bill by 1.5%
  59. Shaw: All Turkey, All the Time
  60. Bell TV HD channels
  61. Rogers To Launch Ondemand Online
  62. Finally!
  63. Shaw TV Presents Pumpkin TV
  64. Bell TV first in Canada to offer 100 High Definition TV channels
  65. Shaw: Detroit locals now part of "Timeshifting Package" - Not "Digital Basic" anymore
  66. Bell TV raising rates on January 1st 2010
  67. Shaw is Bullying Manitoba's Poor to squeeze the funds from the poor...
  68. Rogers to announce the "Next Big Thing in Television"; thePlatform?
  69. WTF Bell TV?
  70. Adding Favourites with Bell:
  71. Cable/Dish Online
  72. Rogers buys 3.2 million shares of Cogeco, laying off 900 People.
  73. Vancouver officials want CRTC to punish Shaw Cablesystems
  74. Telus TV expands in BC and AB
  75. Rogers removes RTVi+ and Neuvo Mundo TV
  76. MovieTime, History Television HD, & History Television On Demand coming to Rogers VIP
  77. Wtf Bell!
  78. All Approved channels
  79. bell tv receiver
  80. Vidéotron increases again
  81. tcm on bell tv
  82. Shaw's fiber-optic cable get's cut, pulling channels off the air in western Canada
  83. 2010 Winter Olympics available on Video On Demand
  84. Videotron now compress HD channels
  85. bell tv à la carte channels
  86. OMNI BC HD (now on Shaw Vancouver)
  87. Videotron increases prices
  88. New satellite TV player?
  89. Shaw TV Vancouver/Whistler (Cable 4)
  90. Bell TV / Shaw Direct Missing Channel Comparison
  91. Lol
  92. MovieTime HD launches on Rogers VIP Channel 562
  93. Bell Alliant and 2 year TV contracts
  94. Bell TV to Offer Astral's HBO Programming Online
  95. Cogeco Cable Enhances its HD Offering in Ontario with 26 New HD Channels
  96. Rogers raises rates again! Basic cable to cost $1.50 more!
  97. Telus rebrands Telus TV as Optik
  98. illicoweb.tv: Videotron weds television and the Internet, launches illico web
  99. Rogers Cable takes $30 million hit for overcharging
  100. Bell TV new LNB?
  101. Rogers Upgrades Ondemand
  102. Rogers to buy CTVgm?!
  103. Jerry Lewis (WGN) on Starchoice
  104. West Feeds Needed
  105. OHl Action Pack
  106. Rogers Sportsnet One now on BellTV
  107. Bell brings CTV on-demand programming to Bell Fibe TV
  108. Rogers Communications Adds to Stake in Rival Cogeco
  109. Rogers On Demand Commercial sayiing You can't get all this on Sattellite...So what!!!
  110. Rogers Adds Ctv/Family Channel Ondemand
  111. CRTC authorizes Free locals package
  112. Off Topic: TELUS Introduces 2$ Increase on Bills
  113. Shaw's HD Plus isn't so "Plus"
  114. USA Network
  115. MTL: Superbowl HD will be simsubbed this year on Videotron
  116. Videotron $5 Price Increase
  117. Shaw is moving channels around
  118. Is Bell less evil than Videotron?
  119. Rogers Digital Basic NL
  120. Rogers Atlantic Canada
  121. Rogers launches a chicken channel
  122. Message to BellTv and Shaw Direct/Cable...Leave the Channels alone
  123. Who's watching over the BDUs?
  124. Japan TV on Rogers
  125. Eastlinks Missing HD Channels In Halifax
  126. Bell Tv April Free Previews
  127. Cogeco drops Peachtree TV from line up
  128. Bell TV Won't Pass Retransmission Fees To Subscribers
  129. The CW On Rogers?
  130. Videotron: Gatineau analog lineup shrinks
  131. TSN Radio 1050 and 104.5 CHUM FM now on Bell TV
  132. free hd
  133. loophole in HD simsub requirements?
  134. CRTC Tells Bell TV and Shaw Direct to Carry More Local TV Stations
  135. Bell forced to drop SunNews On May 3rd
  136. Canadian Channels in US
  137. Providers in Windsor, Ontario
  138. [PR] Shaw Direct Launches 13 Additional Channels Across Canada
  139. Analog cable question
  140. BluSky HDTV to launch next year!
  141. Shaw Signs Long Term Deal With Bell Media
  142. Rogers to Test Flexible TV Packages
  143. EastLink reaches the 100 HD channel mark
  144. Bell to Distribute TVA Specialty Channels
  145. RDS2 Launches on Vidéotron
  146. Rogers Renews Distribution Deal with Shaw Media
  147. Independent BDUs balk at Bell deal
  148. Do you think we can get Radio Disney on Tv providers???
  149. Bell has no email contact?!
  150. TSN Radio Montreal & winnipeg now on Bell TV
  151. New Programming Packages On Bell Tv
  152. Shaw Direct now simsubbing Global HD across-the-board
  153. Bell needs to bring on more Channels to us
  154. cable vs ota
  155. We, The Customers Demand That HDNet Be Returned To The Line-up
  156. TVO droped from Cable/Sattlite outside Ontario
  157. Bell Fibe channel list- where to find one?!
  158. New channels coming to Videotron, no more surcharge for TSN HD and SportsNet HD
  159. No more West feeds for TVTropolis or Showcase?!!!
  160. CTV News Channel No Longer on Rogers
  161. Teletoon Launches Live Streaming on Videotron’s ILLICO.TV Service and Illico Mobile
  162. Better service providers than Shaw?
  163. Cartoon Network/Adult swim now on Bell TV
  164. Bell - Astral Decision coming Thursday!
  165. CRTC DENIES Bell Astral Takeover
  166. Shaw unveils new corporate identity and marketing platform
  167. Internet and Cable Provider
  168. Bell shouldn't be varying Locals by region
  169. Expect another big delay in launch of Anik G1
  170. Shaw/Rogers Merger
  171. Eastlink
  172. V Media
  173. Shaw Direct Technical Inquiry
  174. EastLink reaches 150 HD channels
  175. Shaw and Entertainment One stand up to bullying in support of Kids Help Phone
  176. Shaw Direct Dishes
  177. Get Ready For 100's of New HD Channels! Shaw Direct's New Satellite Has Launched!
  178. Expressview costs
  179. hardware for new shaw programmimg
  180. Channel Guide for Various providers in Canada
  181. CRTC approves BCE’s bid to acquire Astral’s television and radio services
  182. Cartoons on repeat
  183. satellite signal
  184. Missing HD Channels by Provider
  185. Why is the CW considered a Speciality Channel by Canadian providers?
  186. Shaw Proposes Comprehensive Guidelines to Maximize Choice for Consumers
  187. International TV Canada
  188. Basic Cable Channels
  189. Btv hd vs rogers hd
  190. Bftv hd vs rogers hd
  191. Pick n' Pay Offerings
  192. Netflix Study - Masters Essay
  193. Is WGN Chicago terminating prgramming Rights In Canada January 1, 2015?!!!
  194. CRTC decision on pick-and-pay
  195. US: A la Carte survey
  196. any one have idea about roku channel creation
  197. Bell kills independent broadcasters, thanks to the CRTC
  198. What channels do you see dropping out when pick-&-pay comes?
  199. What channels you might think would might drop out when pick-and-pay comes?
  200. Programs on Family.ca Without Cable or Satellite
  201. Shaw Direct New Software Update 50.25 for 6xx series
  202. Skinny Basic Comparision Thread
  203. Need help
  204. Major changes to channels on Bell TV (Satellite) & Bell Fibe
  205. Cable TV lobbyists in Ottawa
  206. Shaw's Anik F2 outage
  207. Bell Media, Profession : Bully
  208. Which is the best internet provider?
  209. Cheapest cable provider out of ALL of Canada?
  210. Shaw Direct Standard Definition channel drops
  211. Rogers dropping Stingray music video channels