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  1. Videotron Free Previews
  2. Bell TV Free Preview
  3. Rogers Free Previews
  4. NATIONAL Free Previews (READ FIRST!)
  5. Action & Showcase Diva get National Free Preview this October!
  6. Cogeco Free Previews
  7. EastLink: Free Previews
  8. High Fidelity HDTV channels free for November
  9. Shaw: TSN HD Free Preview
  10. Shaw Direct Free Previews
  11. Shaw Cable Free Preview
  12. Telus TV Free Previews
  13. Free Preview for Twist TV this November
  14. BellAliant FibreOP TV: Free Previews
  15. Free Preview for DIY Network This February
  16. Dish Network Free Preview
  17. Eastlink Free Previews
  18. Food Network Canada Gets National Free Preview from October 17th - December 31st
  19. April Free Previews for ichannel, The Pet Network, and bpm:tv
  20. National Free Preview For DIY Network This May!
  21. National Free Preview for Lifetime This June!
  22. DTOUR launches August 26th with National Free Preview!
  23. Crime + Investigation™ Launches November 3rd with a Free Preview for Rogers Customers
  24. Bravo’s Nationwide Freeview Begins April 24
  25. Gusto Nationwide Freeview, Beginning May 15