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  1. Canadian Idol
  2. Monster in the House
  3. Nip/Tuck will air on CTV this fall
  4. Gone Country: The Canadian Idol Top 5 Sing Classic Country Hits, Aug. 21 on CTV
  5. CTV News bashes competition while claming its number one
  6. Justice makes room to Criminal Minds
  7. ABC is going to go NUTS! CTV airs NEXT WEEKS EPISODE of Grey's Anatomy!
  8. CTV to air Grey's Anatomy premiere at 8:00PM next Thursday
  9. degrassi
  10. CTV Screws up AGAIN.
  11. CTV Program Update!
  12. E-Talk Daily #2 behind Entertainment Tonight Canada
  13. Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns to CTV
  14. Medium on CTV
  15. CTV and Dancing with the Stars
  16. Lost vs Justice
  17. Programming notes: Dancing With The Stars & Whistler
  18. Programming notes: Happy Hour returns to CTV
  19. The OC to air online for free at CTV.ca
  20. CTV not having good luck with new shows.
  21. The OC to air Tuesday at 8:00PM on CTV
  22. Figure Skating & Dancing this saturday on CTV
  23. Medium returns to CTV on November 22nd
  24. CTV Schedule change for Monday
  25. Law and Order SVU to air this Monday at 9:00PM
  26. Tony Bennett: An American Classic Tuesday at 7:00PM on CTV
  27. Sneek Peeks of Lost to air on CTV!
  28. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The OC, and Smith now on CTV.ca
  29. Corner Gas coming to WGN
  30. Scrubs RETURNS to CTV! Saturdays at 5:00PM!
  31. CTV moves The OC to Thursdays at 8:00PM
  32. CTV's top 12 shows in first year of broadcasting
  33. True murder mystery story featured on TV
  34. The Real World Denver to encore on CTV Thursday at 10:00PM
  35. Alice, I Think
  36. Season premiere of MEdium to air new year's eve!
  37. CTV announces changes to make room for American Idol
  38. CTV picks up FOX's On The Lot
  39. CTV Wednesdays this February
  40. Criminal Minds to air special episode on CTV on Super Bowl Sunday!
  41. CTV News roving reporter name?
  42. CTV ONLY: The OC series finale moves to Saturday February 24th
  43. Nip/tuck!!! Finally!
  44. Nelly Furtado makes record high ratings for CSI New York on CTV
  45. CTV - Were #1! (big ego) - ironic twist
  46. The Amazing Race to air Monday at 9:00PM on CTV!
  47. Degrassi: TNG
  48. NBC's new comedy "Andy Baker PI" coming to CTV Sundays at 5:30PM January 18th
  49. Corner Gas CANCELLED????
  50. Schedule updates for CTV
  51. This Week on CTV!
  52. SCHEDULE UPDATE: This Week on CTV!
  53. Toronto Sun calls Corner Gas Finale a "Cheap Stunt"
  54. This Week on CTV!
  55. SUNDAY APRIL 1st on CTV
  56. Degrassi pulled as FOX extends American Idol Wednesday to 1 hour as of April 11th
  57. Instant Star returns Monday April 9th at 9:30PM on CTV!
  58. CTV schedule changes for later this April
  59. CTV Summer 2007
  60. This Week on CTV! (SCHEDULE UPDATE!)
  61. Juno Awards: any international broadcasters (US)?
  62. The Concert for Diana - CTV official Can. broadcaster
  63. This Week on CTV!
  64. Drive is coming to CTV!
  65. Finale Dates for shows airing on CTV
  66. Schedule Update: This Week on CTV!
  67. CTV takes ABC clips and make them their own... recycles clips
  68. Play the Criminal Minds game at CTV.ca
  69. This Week on CTV!
  70. Drive Cancelled
  71. New (and final) season of Punk'd in Canada
  72. Schedule Update: This Week on CTV!
  73. Instant Star & Degrassi
  74. Globe and Mail says CTV/CHUM deal likely to be approved
  75. Could CTV be forced to sell Citytv?
  76. Toronto Star article on CTV/CHUM deal
  77. Canadian Press on CTV/CHUM deal
  78. NDP on CTV/CHUM Deal
  79. National Post on CTV/CHUM Deal
  80. This Week on CTV!
  81. CTV's E-talk tries to make a feud between Simon & Zack to get ratings
  82. Breaking News: CTV may sell SOME City TV stations!
  83. This Week on CTV! (SCHEDULE UPDATE!)
  84. Luna: Spirit of the Whale
  85. ABC moves Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars finale from 8-10, to 9-11.
  86. This Week on CTV!
  87. NFL comes to CTV and Rogers Sportsnet beginning Fall 2007
  88. Did CTV make a huge miskate not airing Dancing with the Stars finale on Tuesday?
  89. New Fall shows on CTV
  90. Canadian networks and new fall acquisitions (so far)
  91. SCHEDULE UPDATE: This Week on CTV!
  92. Could FOX pull On The Lot???
  93. CTV.ca to host online Pirate Master Game!
  94. Priate Master & On The Lot come to CTV.ca!
  95. This Week on CTV!
  96. CTV fall schedule
  97. Live 8 on CTV
  98. SCHEDULE UPDATE: This Week on CTV!
  99. CTV Press Release: We Accept The CRTC's Decision
  100. Just for Fun: If you were CTV how would you program A Channel?
  101. This Week on CTV!
  102. Traveler
  103. SCHEDULE UPDATE: This Week on CTV!
  104. CTV now airing commercials for MuchMusic.com
  105. CTV get's complete full access to EVERYTHING from Comedy Central!
  106. web site notes
  107. This Week on CTV!
  108. Canadian Idol producer admits he is biased for Toronto
  109. Doesn't the ASN schedule look all wrong?
  110. CTV to include former CHUM stations in LIVE EARTH
  111. SCHEDULE UPDATE: This Week on CTV!
  112. CTV and their new cable channels
  113. Live Earth Poll
  114. Canadian Idol now on NTV
  115. CTV National News: Most Watched?
  116. CTV adds Set for Life to schedule, other programming notes
  117. This Week on CTV!
  118. Ctv-a Channel
  119. A Channel will become TSN2
  120. Shame on CTV
  121. CBS pulls Pirate Master...
  122. Canadian Idol On Tonight!!!!!
  123. This Week on CTV!
  124. CKY-TV (CTV Winnipeg) simsub error tonight?
  125. Schedule Update: This Week on CTV
  126. This Week on CTV!
  127. This Week on A Channel
  128. How would you program the A Channels?
  129. Degrassi: TNG - Season 7
  130. CTV Announces Premiere Dates
  131. Revised A-Channel Fall Schedule
  132. CTV, Star! and Citytv team up for Coverage of Toronto Film....
  133. This Week on CTV!
  134. So is A-channel going to rebrand
  135. This Week on A Channel!
  136. TMZ coming to CTV
  137. Possible New Name For A-Channel
  138. This Week on CTV!
  139. This Week on A Channel!
  140. BC ONLY: Citytv & A Channel swap 7-8 programming
  141. MTV Video Music Awards
  142. Schedule Update: This Week on CTV!
  143. Schedule Update: This Week on A Channel!
  144. New show: Gossip Girl
  145. This Week on CTV!
  146. Is CTV making a mistake with Jeopardy & E-Talk?
  147. This Week on A Channel!
  148. Law and Order:CI
  149. New Show: Private Practice
  150. New Show: Dirty Sexy Money
  151. CTV moves Monday comedies to A-Channel
  152. CTV e-mail misfires badly
  153. Big Shots & Gossip Girl join CTV.ca
  154. Schedule Update: This Week on CTV!
  155. Schedule Update: This Week on A Channel!
  156. BUSTED! Global rips apart CTV, the real story on primetime ratings
  157. Projected midseason lineups for both CTV and A-Channel
  158. This Week on A-Channel!
  159. This Week on CTV!
  160. Pushing Daisies joins CTV.ca
  161. So You Think You Can Dance Canada CONFIRMED!
  162. ABC's Samantha Who?, Premiering Monday October 15 on A-Channel
  163. A-Channel to air e2
  164. Schedule Update: This Week on A-Channel!
  165. Schedule Update: This Week on CTV!
  166. A-Channel to air Phenomenon
  167. CTV pulls Big Shots, moves Dirty Sexy Money
  168. It's Not Over: CTV & Global go at it again!
  169. A-Channel to air Notes From The Underbelly
  170. CTV Moves Big Shots To A-Channel
  171. CTV Shuffles schedules
  172. A-Channel to air Dirty Sexy Money
  173. The Amazing Race returns to CTV!
  174. This Week on A-Channel!
  175. This Week on CTV!
  176. A-Channel to air American Music Awards
  177. Schedule Update: This Week on A-Channel!
  178. Schedule Update: This Week on CTV!
  179. Writers Strike Affects CTV's Latenight Schedule
  180. A-Channel To Air Thank God You’re Here
  181. Degrassi: TNG strip now on A-Channel
  182. This Week on A-Channel!
  183. This Week on CTV!
  184. Predict CTV's Strike Schedule
  185. October Road to air on CTV instead of A-Channel
  186. A-Channel Monday Primetime Sked
  187. This Week on A-Channel!
  188. This Week on CTV!
  189. CTV Dec Highlights
  190. October Road Moves to A-Channel
  191. CTV get's ready to Duel!
  192. CTV to finally air the final season of The Sopranos
  193. CTV set to roll out mid-season slate, despite strike
  194. CTV Gains Nationally
  195. This Week on CTV!
  196. CTV puts shows on ITunes
  197. Schedule Update: This Week on CTV!
  198. Spice Girls Programming on CTV, Star! and MuchMoreMusic
  199. Additional CTV December Programming Highlights PT1
  200. Additional CTV December Programming Highlights PT2
  201. Additional CTV December Programming Highlights PT3
  202. One Tree Hill airing on A Channel?
  203. A-Channel Downtown Countdown Dec. 31
  204. CTV Orders Two, New One-Hour Canadian Drama Series
  205. Degrassi: The Next Generation Premieres Jan. 10 on CTV
  206. A-Channel Mid Season Program Notes
  207. CTV Premiere Dates for January
  208. This Week on CTV!
  209. This Week on A-Channel!
  210. A-Channel to air Comedy Now & Comedy Inc
  211. CTV to air Mad Men
  212. CTV Original Documentary Confessions of an Innocent Man
  213. CTV Programming Highlights, Jan. 13-19
  214. A-Channel to air The Amazing Race
  215. The Juno Awards
  216. CTV extending and revamping Canada AM
  217. CTV is Canada’s Overwhelming Choice for Local News
  218. A-Channel airs Comanche Moon
  219. CTV & SPACE airs Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  220. This Week on A-Channel!
  221. This Week on CTV!
  222. Shuold CTV reschedule its "Lloydcast"
  223. Dexter comes to CTV
  224. CTV Original Mini-Series "Would Be Kings"
  225. Sinner In Paradise Premiering Feb. 2 on CTV
  226. A-Channel to air Lost
  227. Eli Stone Jan 31 on CTV
  228. Lost Season 4 Premieres Jan 31 on CTV
  229. Nip/Tuck to get post super bowl spot
  230. Jericho, Welcome To The Captain, and more join CTV's Schedule
  231. Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles now on CTV.ca
  232. A-Channel to Air Lipstick Jungle
  233. SCHEDULE UPDATE: This Week on A-Channel!
  234. SCHEDULE UPDATE: This Week on CTV!
  235. Online Elements Expanded for Degrassi: The Next Generation
  236. CBS to team with CTV for 'Flashpoint'
  237. A Channel to air "enhanced" reair of Lost
  238. Jericho on CTV Beginning Feb. 12
  239. 2008 JUNOS April 6 on CTV
  240. Nip/Tuck on CTV Feb. 3 2008
  241. CTV to air Welcome to the Captain Feb 4
  242. Now NBC picks CTV' 'The Listener'
  243. A-Channel to air Old Christine
  244. BREAKING NEWS: Bell ExpressVU backstabs CTV - Non-Simulcast Super Bowl in HD
  245. Canada Am
  246. CTV's Super Bowl breaks records
  247. CTV Programming Highlights
  248. CTV Delivers 10 of the Top 10 Programs on Canadian Television
  249. CTV Labour Problems??
  250. This Week on A-Channel!