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Thread: CTV DTV Plan

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    CTV DTV Plan

    CTV DTV Plan
    1- DTV Conversion/Analog Shut Off by 31-Aug-11
    2- Eventual DTV Conversion post 31-Aug-11
    3- Continued Analog Ch 2-51 Operation (no plans to convert)

    1-CFCF-TV Montréal
    1-CFCN-TV Calgary
    3-CFCN-TV-1 Drumheller
    3-CFCN-TV-16 Oyen
    3-CFCN-TV-4 Burmis
    1-CFCN-TV-5 Lethbridge
    3-CFCN-TV-8 Medicine Hat
    3-CFCN-TV-9 Cranbrook
    1-CFPL-TV London
    1-CFQC-TV Saskatoon
    3-CFQC-TV-1 Stranraer
    3-CFQC-TV-2 North Battleford
    1-CFRN-TV Edmonton
    3-CFRN-TV-1 Grande Prairie
    3-CFRN-TV-10 Rocky Mountain House
    3-CFRN-TV-12 Athabasca
    3-CFRN-TV-2 Peace River
    3-CFRN-TV-3 Whitecourt
    3-CFRN-TV-4 Ashmont
    3-CFRN-TV-5 Lac La Biche
    3-CFRN-TV-6 Red Deer
    3-CFRN-TV-7 Lougheed
    3-CFRN-TV-8 Grouard Mission
    3-CFRN-TV-9 Slave Lake
    1-CFTO-TV Toronto
    3-CFTO-TV-21 Orillia
    1-CFTO-TV-54 Peterborough
    3-CHBX-TV Sault Ste Marie
    3-CHBX-TV-1 Wawa
    3-CHRO-TV Pembroke
    2-CHRO-TV-43 Ottawa
    2-CHWI-TV Wheatley
    2-CHWI-TV-60 Windsor
    2-CIAN-TV Calgary
    3-CICC-TV Yorkton
    3-CICC-TV-2 Norquay
    3-CICC-TV-3 Hudson Bay
    3-CICI-TV Sudbury
    3-CICI-TV-1 Elliot Lake
    3-CIEW-TV Carlyle Lake
    3-CIPA-TV Prince Albert
    3-CIPA-TV-1 Alticane
    3-CIPA-TV-2 Big River
    3-CITO-TV Timmins
    3-CITO-TV-1 Kapuskasing
    3-CITO-TV-2 Kearns
    3-CITO-TV-3 Hearst
    3-CITO-TV-4 Chapleau
    2-CIVI-TV Victoria
    2-CIVI-TV-2 Vancouver
    1-CIVT-TV Vancouver
    3-CIWH-TV Wynyard
    2-CJAL-TV Edmonton
    3-CJCB-TV Sydney
    3-CJCB-TV-1 Inverness
    3-CJCB-TV-2 Antigonish
    3-CJCB-TV-6 Port Hawkesbury
    1-CJCH-TV Halifax
    3-CJCH-TV-1 Canning
    3-CJCH-TV-5 Sheet Harbour
    3-CJCH-TV-6 Caledonia
    3-CJCH-TV-7 Yarmouth
    1-CJOH-TV Ottawa
    3-CJOH-TV-47 Pembroke
    3-CJOH-TV-6 Deseronto
    3-CJOH-TV-8 Cornwall
    3-CKAM-TV Upsalquitch
    3-CKBQ-TV Melfort
    3-CKBQ-TV-1 Nipawin
    3-CKCD-TV Campbellton
    1-CKCK-TV Regina
    3-CKCK-TV-1 Colgate
    3-CKCK-TV-2 Willow Bunch
    3-CKCK-TV-7 Fort Qu'Appelle
    1-CKCO-TV Kitchener
    3-CKCO-TV-2 Wiarton
    3-CKCO-TV-3 Sarnia
    1-CKCW-TV Moncton
    1-CKCW-TV-1 Charlottetown
    3-CKCW-TV-2 St Edward
    1-CKLT-TV Saint John
    3-CKLT-TV-1 Florenceville
    3-CKMC-TV Swift Current
    3-CKMC-TV-1 Golden Prairie
    3-CKMJ-TV Moose Jaw
    3-CKNX-TV Wingham
    3-CKNY-TV North Bay
    3-CKNY-TV-11 Huntsville
    1-CKVR-TV Barrie
    3-CKYA-TV Fisher Branch
    3-CKYB-TV Brandon
    3-CKYD-TV Dauphin
    3-CKYF-TV Flin Flon
    3-CKYP-TV The Pas
    3-CKYT-TV Thompson
    1-CKY-TV Winnipeg

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    The following is from CTVgm submission to the CRTC

    "CTVgm intends to transition all of the over-the-air
    television stations from its CTV group in mandatory markets to digital, as
    well as the transmitters it operates on analog channels 52 to 69 outside of
    those mandatory markets ..."
    "With respect to the A Stations, CTVgm has consistently maintained that
    we need urgent regulatory relief for these channels in order for them to
    have a long-term future. In BD 2010-743, released October 7th, 2010, the
    Commission denied CTVgm’s request for regulatory flexibility for the “A”
    Stations. Consequently, CTVgm is currently examining the long-term
    implications of this decision for the “A” Stations and whether transitioning
    these stations to digital by the deadline is economically feasible."

    At this point CTV has commited to convert /A\ Barrie and London only. (main TX only for both)

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    Thanks for the list, its a real eye opener. How long will it be before there is no CTV station in northern Ontario.

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    New Brunswick
    I'm assuming (and hoping) that the station from Saint John and/or Moncton will reach Fredericton?

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    Jan 2008
    CTV's digital transition page is available here:
    (Site is also available en français)

    But I couldn't find the link to get there from the homepage...
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    Jan 2008
    CFCN-DT in Calgary signed on last week on their post-transition channel UHF 29. The reception is reported to be so much better.

    The CFCN-HD on channel 36 which signed on January 2009 should be turned off soon.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    CFCF Montreal is shutting analog for good tonight at 12:05am right after the news, then they'll digitally broadcast on VHF 12.

    24 hours later, CFTM (TVA) analog will shut down and broadcast using CFCF-DT's antenna.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    CTV's request to add a retransmitter for CKVR-DT (CTV Two) in Hamilton was previously approved on January 26th, but hasn't been able to negociate with Channel Zero for the usage on CHCH Tower. They submitted a request to temporarily broadcast from the Bell-Nexacor tower.

    It'S been posted on the CRTC's website, public instances, document 2012-0704-3. You have until July 16, 2012 to comment.

    This rebroadcaster will give CTV Two additional areas for simsub opportunities.
    Last edited by InMontreal; 06-15-2012 at 01:32 PM.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    Greater Toronto Area

    CKVR-DT repeter update

    CKVP-DT @ RF42 from Fonthill has began testing perolidical with CHCH signaling during the early morning hours, the transmitter is expected to go officially live sometime by mid to late September with CTV Two Barrie signal.
    "And Now for Something Completely Different..." - John Cleese (Monty Python).



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