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    Aug 2009

    Has CTV abandoned guide data for OTA?

    CTV was the only private who actually sent program data with their digital signal for all programs. It wasn't much but gave the program title and rating for approx 8 hours.

    But for the past month or so there's been nothing with "no description provided" and rating.

    During this past busy month I figured it was a mistake that'd fix itself over time but now that I've got the time it's got me wondering...

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    Jan 2008
    Which local station are you reffering to, NakedGord?

    By the way, PSIP never worked for CFCF-DT, it lists "DTV Program" every 30 minutes ever since the channel launched 2 weeks before the Superbowl.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    Aug 2009
    Sry. It's CFTO-DT. Since CTV stations are little more than a superstation with repeaters that carry local news I assumed the data etc all came from Toronto HQ.



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