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    S-VOX going to purchase CHNU & CIIT

    S-VOX, the owners of Vision TV, One: the Body, Mind & Spirit Channel and The Christian Channel are going to buy CHNU and CIIT from Rogers Media. The deal is expected to close in 2008.

    Personally I would rather CTS buy these stations because I feel that there will be a lot of cross sharing of programs between the cable channels and these two stations which I don't think we need at all. And at least CTS has other ota stations and can create a semi network and sharing programs are not an issue.
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    I also thought CTS would be aquiring these stations - forming a religious network accross Canada. This deal with S-VOX kind of came out of left field. Although a bit surprising, I'm all for more companies operating in the Canadian broadcast industry.

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    While I agree that it's always a good thing to have more, rather than fewer, companies owning and operating terrestrial television stations in Canada, I also think Christian religious stations are a niche that would most likely be far better served by a strong system of stations owned by the same company -- which would therefore have a much better economy of scale to offer a stronger programming schedule than could possibly be offered by four separate mini-systems of one, two or three stations each.

    I mean, come on. I love Laverne & Shirley as much as the next aging 70s baby, but is there anything really "Christian-themed programming that belongs on CTS" about it? Not by my reckoning.

    Though for what it's worth, between Crossroads and S-VOX, I think I'd prefer that S-VOX end up with that network, if only because I'd much rather see a religious network that's willing to give progressive Christians a voice, the way Vision does, than one that thinks a cut-rate Jerry Falwell wannabe like Ron Mainse speaks for most religious people in this country.
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