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Thread: ThisTV schedule

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    ThisTV schedule

    Gives you an idea of what's offered on ThisTV, offering movies and a few retro TV shows.

    This is the national schedule.

    4:00am The Outer Limits (1963)
    5:00am Highway Patrol
    5:30am Sea Hunt
    6:00am The Patty Duke Show
    6:30am Mister Ed
    7:00am Heathcliff
    7:30am Wacky World of Tex Avery
    8:00am Inspector Gadget
    8:30am Gadget Boy’s Adventures in History / Pink Panther Show
    9:00am Spider Riders
    9:30am Magi-Nation (E/I)
    10:00am Bat Masterson
    10:30am (Movie) (sometimes starting at 10am)

    4:00am The Outer Limits (1963)
    5:00am Highway Patrol
    5:30am Sea Hunt
    6:00am The Outer Limits (1963)
    7:00am The Outer Limits (1963)
    8:00am (Movie)
    10:00am Green Screen Adventures (E/I)
    10:30am Busytown Mysteries (E/I)
    11:00am Busy World of Richard Scarry (E/I)
    11:30am Busy World of Richard Scarry (E/I)
    12:00pm Cake (E/I)
    12:30pm Dance Revolution (E/I)
    1:00pm (Movies)

    7:00am Bat Masterson
    7:30am Bat Masterson
    8:00am Sonic Underground
    8:30am Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
    9:00am Sonic Underground
    9:30am Evolution (E/I)
    10:00am Stargate Infinity
    10:30am Magi-Nation (E/I)
    11:00am (Movies)
    9:00pm Stargate SG-1
    10:00pm Stargate SG-1
    11:00pm (Movies)

    This TV's website:
    List of This TV affiliates:

    Montreal: WPTZ-DT2 Burlington (UHF 14, PSIP 5.2)
    Toronto area: WNGS (UHF 7, PSIP 67.1)
    Victoria: KOMO (UHF 38, PSIP 4.2) Seattle barely reach the city
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    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    Decent schedule. If subchannels were on basic I may have consider getting cable again. Too bad the CRTC killed that with the WNED DT-2 decision.

    Just more reason to consider moving to an area with better US DTV reception.



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