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    Bell forced to drop SunNews On May 3rd

    As of May 3rd 2011 Quebecor Media has forced BellTV to drop SunNews Channel off their lineup that was on Channel 213 where the former Sun TV Network was...according to the sources the reason given was over the No Plans on how to carry the Channel which was required to be carried as a Catagory 2 Service and Bell had made no plans on that resulting in Quebecor Media to force Bell Tv to drop Sun News off the Lineup!!!

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    good. im glad that they had to drop Sun news. frankly, do we need another news channel? We have CTV News Net, CNN, HLN Fox News MSNBC all the CTV local stations with there 6pm and 11pm and 12 noon news same with CBC and /A\ channel, PLUS the us networks with the ABC News NBC news etc. PLUS nightline and all that good stuff. we have enough news coming out our A$$! PLUS with the internet ... we're updated all the time. So i just dont think we need another one, bell would be STUPID to add this one back if they can..
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