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    GOL TV Canada HD Info

    For those of you interested in GOL TV Canada HD, it looks as though it's in the works. And maybe we'll finally get a full seperate HD channel and not this "certain games shot in HD will be shown on the BDU's HD preview channel" stuff. Not sure when it was posted, but here's a press release from MLSE on GOL TV Canada HD.


    GOL TV Canada HD Information

    All Major League Soccer matches are being produced in crystal clear High Definition including the 21 Toronto FC games on GOL TV Canada. Canada's only 24-hour soccer channel is working hard with its distribution partners on satellite and cable to make GOL TV HD available.

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    For now it is only for TFC and other MLS games. No provider has picked it up yet. I think it is in future plans to make it a full time channel by August (start of the La Liga and Bundesliga seasons) if some providers sign on to carry it.



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