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    Jan 2010

    Comedy Gold - Summer Schedule, anyone?

    Does anybody have Comedy Gold's summer schedule just curious if there is something
    new that will be on Comedy Gold or tooken off.


    I tryed looking for it before on google but couldn't find so I ask for your help! please.

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    join the club. can't find it either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by julie_rose_valliere View Post
    join the club. can't find it either.
    It appears to not have been released yet.

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    Jan 2010
    Hard to say if I should give Seinfeld new respect but I don't care for the
    Mary Tyler Moore Show or Rhoda and wish The Fresh Prince of Bel Air would
    go off the air, it's something that we've had gotten recently on other channels
    that simple bores me i don't know maybe i would give it another chance but
    I'm 25 now and don't care for much Will Smith but I just like to see something
    different that we havn't seen in 10 or so years, a spin-off that was good at least
    something that doesn't seem annoying or people can watch and respect of.



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