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    ABC is going to go NUTS! CTV airs NEXT WEEKS EPISODE of Grey's Anatomy!

    This post has been deleted because some idiot is trying to make a ridiculous comparison
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    Amazing the control room screwed up this bad, I mean they usually have a tag at the beginning of the feed indicating season/episode number. With todays feeds being digital they could include even more information in the packets indicating season, episode number and description of the event.

    Yup, someone messed up bigtime, lucky this wasn't a simsub or it would be cannon fodder for those looking to get rid of simsub regulations entirely.

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    We thought Rock Star... was bad!

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    By the way, the Canadian ratings are up for last week! take a look in the chit chat fourm!

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    Im really lost how is this a bad thing doesnt CTV air grey anatomy at one time and ABC air it at another time so you guys get to watch two episodes in one week and how is this CTV's problem didnt ABC send them the wrong episode. Anywho all i know is that this is one major slip up.

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    You are exactly right. It is pretty sad they couldn't fix up the west coast feed, also they didn't admitted to Friday. In my opinion Global is #1.

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    Is ABC grumpy when it comes to airing shows early or a day before in foreign countries?? You may be right, because Desperate Housewives does not air no earlier than 9 PM EST, not special privelages for Atlantic stations.

    Anyways NBC lets us watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on Sunday due to CTV having CSI: Miami (blech) on Monday.



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