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    CW changes its schedule

    Posted Jan 5th 2008 10:44AM

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, the CW is using the opportunity of the WGA Strike to experiment with its schedule. This includes a relocation of its entire Monday comedy block to Sunday. Gossip Girl and Reaper will also move, eventually settling on Monday and Thursday nights, respectively.

    Leave it to corporate America to turn a negative into a positive like this. With the WGA Strike in full swing and many of the networks unable to broadcast new material, the most fledgling of all the networks is going to try and see if they can get their ratings up by moving more established shows to new nights.

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    So far the strike is not even hurting the networks, infact it's almost helping them.

    Last Wednesday, ABC's lineup of Wife Swap & SuperNanny, did BETTER than NEW EPISODES of expensive scripted shows Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, and Dirty Sexy Money.

    on Thursday, NBC's new reality lineup did great, and CBS still dominated with reruns of CSI & Without a Trace.

    Also when it comes to late night, even though NBC's The Tonight Show and Late Night don't have any writers, they are still killing CBS's The Late Show & The Late Late Show in the ratings, and the funny thing is that The Late Show & The Late Late Show both have writers. NBC even went as far to make a promo saying

    "Congrats Jay, Conan, and Carson, even without writers your still America's late night leaders"

    The worst part of all of this is that the WGA looks stupid now, when they made a deal with The Late Show to do new episodes with writers they said that The Late Show would dominate thanks to having writers and better guests, but by the looks of it The Tonight Show continues to dominate without writers.

    Over at FOX, they also have nothing to worry about, American Idol should do even better thanks to less competition, and they have the new show The Moment of Truth that everyone is already talking about.

    So yes I would say the networks are putting a postive spin on the strike, because right now the effect for the networks is positive.

    I'm not saying I support the networks, but I don't support the writers very much either. I think both sides are being very greedy. it's the billionaires vs the millionaires, and even though the writers are right for what they are asking, they are putting tons of people that make WAY LESS MONEY THAN THEM out of work, so even though the networks are not being fair, the writers did chose to go on strike and they are putting tons of poor people out of work and in that they are just as much to blame as the studios.



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