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    CBC analog shutdown in Quebec City

    Residents in Quebec City (as well as London, ON) are angry that CBC decided to shut down their analog transmitter without replacing it with a new digital transmitter.

    CBC wrote an article about this, but twisting out the facts with their headline:

    Que. man crusades against switch to digital TV
    Quebec City man wants to keep watching hockey for free


    We all know that Breton doesn't crusades against the switch to digital in general, he crusades against CBC's decision to shutdown the Quebec City transmitter entirely without any replacement.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    I think that the topic misses the major point. 13 markets with CBC analog English language tranmitters lose that singal because the Corporation refuses to transition their transmitter. Similarly, a further 7 markets lose their Radio-Canada French language transmitters.

    Cities where CBC Television transmitter will be shut down:
    • Barrie
    • Kitchener
    • Lethbridge.
    • London.
    • Moncton.
    • Saint John.
    • Kitchener.
    • Quebec City.
    • Saguenay.
    • Saskatoon.
    • Sherbrooke.
    • Trois-Rivières.
    • Whitehorse.

    Cities where Radio-Canada Television transmitter will be shut down:
    • Calgary.
    • Fredericton.
    • Windsor.
    • St. John's.
    • Charlottetown.
    • Halifax.
    • Yellowknife.
    Where was the CRTC, by only requiring originatng stations to make the Digital Transition?
    Last edited by cslusarc; 06-18-2011 at 09:29 PM. Reason: added markets where digital transmitter will be missing



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