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    Shaw Direct free satellite dish offer

    Konrad von Finckenstein, Chairman of the CRTC made a speech on June 13 in Banff, Alberta to the Banff World Media Festival.


    Here's the interesting part about OTA:

    Digital transition
    When I was here last year, I spoke to you with some sense of urgency about the deadline for the switch from analog to digital television.

    At that point, there was just over a year to go. I was concerned that the preparations weren't going fast enough. The cut-off date was non-negotiable, and it was essential that it be met. The reasons were, and are, compelling:

    • We have to ensure that Canadians have access to the high-definition programming that they want to see.
    • We are committed by our agreement with the United States to vacate channels 52 to 69, some of which will be used for public safety services.
    • And we have to free up spectrum for a vast expansion of advanced wireless services.

    I'm very pleased that the industry is well on its way to getting the job done. I’m confident that you will complete all the remaining work in time for August 31.

    You have been overcoming significant difficulties—technical, logistical and financial. It's been a special challenge for the CBC—which operates two national networks and is responsible for Canada's largest group of over-the-air transmitters.

    We knew that the digital changeover would not be easy. That's why we set a realistic objective. Conversion would be required by the cut-off date only in certain markets:

    • all provincial capital cities
    • the National Capital Region
    • markets served by multiple originating stations, including CBC stations, and
    • markets with populations greater than 300,000.

    We're pleased to see that Shaw Communications has come forward with a solution to one of the inevitable problems. There are thousands of Canadian viewers who have been receiving the signals of their local or regional TV stations through rabbit ear or rooftop antennas. After the transition to digital, some of these viewers would have lost access to those stations.

    Therefore, to ensure continuing service, they will be eligible to receive from Shaw, free of charge, a satellite dish, including installation. Shaw will also provide them with free satellite access to those local or regional stations.

    This is a creative solution, and we would urge Shaw to advertise their offer so that eligible viewers may take advantage of it.

    Informing the public
    The Commission would like to draw to your attention one of the jobs that must be completed in order to ensure the success of the transition. Canadians must be informed about what this change will mean to their viewing experience. We have required all broadcasters to air public service announcements to explain it. These have been on the air since May 1.

    The great majority of Canadians are served by cable or satellite; it's important for them to know that they won't see any change. However, for those 7% who get their TV service over the air, there will be changes. They must be told what to expect, and what they can do to maintain access to their local stations.

    These messages must be crystal clear. Some cable distributors may see the changeover as a marketing opportunity. They may want to propose to their customers that they should now upgrade their subscriptions from analog to digital distribution. Cable packages, however, have nothing to do with the transition to digital over-the-air broadcasting.

    We have written to the distributors, strongly urging them not to suggest to their customers that the switchover of August 31 provides a reason for upgrading their cable service. That would only create confusion when what we need is clarity.


    Go to the links at the top of the message to continue reading.

    Something worth mentionning is that there's no mention whatsoever on Shaw's website about this free satellite dish offer.

    People complaining about the lack of CBC OTA coverage in Quebec City, London and Moncton will probably get a reply from the CRTC: get a free Shaw dish and SHUT UP!
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    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.



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