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    Golden Globes on NBC

    Well the Golden Globe "announcement" is airing, NBC does not have to pay anything for airing the brodcast, since the announcement is open to everyone. However NBC was still able to make money.

    the Golden Globe offical annoucement (which you can view live at ) has personalitys from Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Extra, E! News, Inside Edition, and Showbiz Tonight. However NBC is airing their own one hour special produced by Access Hollywood. The Access Hollywood brodcast is just repeating what the offical brodcast is reporting, however NBC is making the Access Hollywood brodcast look like the offical brodcast. Which leaves me to question, did the WGA really win?

    Sure they hurt the golden globes, but did they hurt NBC? NBC did not have to pay ANYTHING for the golden globes, they didn't even have to pay anything for the press announcement. They managed to make it look like NBC/Access Hollywood is the exclusive place to find out where the announcemnts will be made.

    E! in the U.S. is airing the awards which is hosted by Ryan Seacrest, however E! Canada has decided not to air the event.

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    man the golden globes were just as boring as the people's choice awards next up a boring sag awards show (screen actors guild) and I don't want to think of what the oscars are gonna look like (academy awards)

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    I serisouly think The Oscars will get pre-empted until the strike is over, I think we may end up seeing them in May instead of February.

    CBS's Peoples Choice Awards did horrible, and NBC's Golden Globes were horrible. I can't see ABC letting the same thing happen to the oscars.



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