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    Jan 2010

    Top 3 80's Shows? plus more i'm wondering about

    I'm accually looking to get into an 80's type sitcom and i've just been feeling lost
    about 80's sitcoms now since i havn't bothered with them much for so long now
    I wonder what are the top 3 and what is close for others that arn't so big and have
    nice acting in them.

    On my list of shows that I watch frequently are
    All in the family
    Married with children
    which are the only shows I own
    but I don't want to feel like there the biggest shows ever I just want to relook
    more and wonder what would be a nice show that comes better then the 2 i
    seem to only be interested in at the moment please give me some good listings.

    Here at the moment for listings i could think of would be
    The Cosby Show
    Family Ties

    but other then them what else guys?

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    Dec 2009
    Perfect Strangers
    Mama's Family!!!

    Honourable mention

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    Oct 2009
    FYI- All in the Family is a 70s sitcom not 80s.

    Here are the 80s sitcoms that I have in my TV on DVD lists:

    A Different World
    Bosom Buddies
    Charles in Charge
    The Cosby Show
    Dear John
    Degrassi Junior High
    Degrassi High
    Designing Women
    Empty Nest
    Family Matters
    Family Ties
    Full House
    Gimme a Break!
    The Golden Girls
    Growing Pains
    Head of the Class
    The Hogan Family
    Kate & Allie
    The Kids in the Hall
    Major Dad
    Mama's Family
    Married... with Children
    Mr. Belvedere
    Murphy Brown
    My Secret Identity
    My Two Dads
    Night Court
    Perfect Strangers
    Punky Brewster
    Saved by the Bell
    Silver Spoons
    Sledge Hammer!
    Small Wonder
    Too Close for Comfort
    What's Happening Now!!
    Who's the Boss?

    My personal favs are: Cheers, Cosby Show, Family Ties, The Golden Girls, Growing Pains, Perfect Strangers & Who's the Boss?

    The following are shows that I would like to watch again either because I did not watch them when they first aired or only watched a few episodes here and there: Gimme A Break!, Head of the Class, Newhart & Too Close for Comfort

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    Jan 2010
    I know, All in the family is not an 80's Sitcom

    I was just talking about the few shows i've only been interested in other then the topic.


    I was trying to include something different i feel like I could watch of the 80's

    That would mix good in with those shows, i'm just trying not to think that All in the family and Married with children wern't this biggest shows of all time it has kind of
    gotten me away from a bunch.



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