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    Olympic Committee pitches Sport TV

    Olympic Committee pitches Sport TV

    In an effort to overcome chronic under-funding for athletes, the Canadian Olympic Committee is proposing an amateur sports channel that "would provide much-needed exposure and funding for both Olympic and non-Olympic sports."
    The COC is asking the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission not only to give the go-ahead for channels in both French and English, but also to make it mandatory for them to be distributed "on the basic digital service" of all cable and satellite distributors.
    The Olympic Committee and its partners also want a mandated monthly subscription rate of 60 per household from the distributors.
    The application to the CRTC says the proposed amateur sports networks would contribute more than $100-million to amateur sport over the first seven years of operation.
    The COC says there is a shortage of amateur sports on television, but public hearings in the near future are expected to elicit arguments to the contrary from officials at Canadian sports channels TSN, Sportsnet, and The Score Television Network.

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    Surprise, surprise. Someone else wants us to be required to pay them millions of dollars a year for something we don't watch.
    What's stopping you, me, and every other person in the country from proposing a mandatory carriage channel?
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