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    Advertainment hits prime time TV

    Advertainment hits prime time TV

    The marriage of marketing and entertainment is reaching a new high as the Hollywood writers' strike drags on, with NBC planning to run a May 11 reality special developed by and for an advertiser, Teleflora, in a coveted prime-time slot.
    The show, according to a New York Times article, centres on a search for America’s 'favourite mom'.
    "We’re looking to be the best partners for our advertisers," said Ben Silverman, co-chairman at NBC Entertainment. And one way to do that, he said, is "building programming assets in partnership with our advertisers."
    So-called branded entertainment is likely on the rise, said Lynda Resnick, chairwoman at Teleflora, because “people are watching television; they’re just not watching commercials."

    Hollie Shaw

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    I don't mind that, however I don't know if this will be easy for NBC to sell to Canadian networks, unless the advertiser pays the Canadian network as well.

    Networks have kinda done this before, a few years ago Global produced a reality show called the "Rona Dream Home"



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