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    The Amazing Race ~ 12

    OH YA peta's gonna luv this past episode from the chickens being carried around in the net all day to the baby goats tied down in those baskets on the bikes. I must admit though I would have freed those cute little baby goats myself. Damn that U-turn having to do on detour task a customary dance than being U-turned by those blondes only to have to go back to the detour and "FISH" for gold out of a mudpit.


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    Even though Phil Keoghan says "you may be eliminated" I am starting to think, that is a ploy and that there is no non-elimination rounds at all. I mean shouldn't we have had at least one by now ?
    Kinda glad Nathan and Jennifer were deemed to wet by that cab driver who didn't want them getting in his taxi. I personally don't want to see them two win a single leg in this race. I mean they actually wanted and told Hendekea and Azaria to not run to the pit stop and be first because they came in first last week HEY JENNIFER IT IS A RACE !!!!!!

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    Usually towards the end of this show ya have a idea of who is gonna be the last team to get to the pit stop but this leg of the race with T.K.&Rachel and Kynt & Vyxsin I didn't know who would be the last team. And thank god this was a non-elimination round because I am rooting for the goths (I was beginning to think there weren't any non-elim's this season) though in the next leg Kynt and Vyxsen will face the speed bump for coming in last in the non-elimination leg of this race.

    Speed Bump
    The Speed Bump , introduced in Season 12, is an obstacle that occurs at any time in the race if the last team was not eliminated in a non-elimation round. That team must perform an extra task that the other teams will not. This may make the chance of winning slim.
    Go Goths Go !!!!!!!!
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    Tonight the debut of the watch out Kynt & Vyxsin.

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    Well the speed bump wasn't that much trouble for me goths Kynt&Vyxsin there trouble was U-turning the wrong team and Kynt and those damn receipts. When those Bickersons (nate&jen) made it to the pitstop before me goths I wanted to barf on me rug I did. I don't care for any of the teams left now so BLAH !
    NOTE to cristina's dad take a chill pill gramps attitude adjustment in order.

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    WOW first to leave the pit stop and last to come in, for a minute there I thought T.K. and Rachel decided to catch a flight back to the states.
    When they had to drive the taxicabs with Japanese directions got a laugh when I heard turning japanese by the Vapors playing LOL
    Oh ya I miss my goths Kynt AND Vyxsin and I am extra happy that the Bickersons didn't get 1st

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    Yay the Bickersons (nate&jen) were eliminated WooooHooooo
    Still miss me Goths

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    I am happy with the final 3 teams but would still like to see KYNT VYXSIN in it
    ROOTING for Cristina & her pops



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