If you haven't had a look at the Fall 2011 Comedy Gold Schedule...well do dispair...It is half as disappointing as the Old TV Land Schedule combined...Like 2 Not so Grat shows added David Steinberg and the Not so Super Dave Osbourne Show!!!

Weekends 90 minutes worth of Full House and Fresh Prince reruns and Evenings 2 Back to Back Episodes of FYI Murphy Brown about 2 to 3 hours apart and the rest of the programs shuffled around in such dispicable Timeslots!!! Does Bell media even care?!!!

You would think they'd come up with more tastier Comedy Classic Reruns like WKRP, Monty Python, Family Matters, Mork and Mindy and shelve Full House, Murphy Brown and Fresh prince but no they had to shuffle them around just to add 2 not so great shows David Steinberg and The Not so Super Dave Osbourne show!!!

Cage both Comedy Gold and Deja View Together as 2 Networks that just love to shuffle shows around for only 2 measily new shows!!!