I've just received an updated list of shows airing in HD and two shows were added to this list, Dancing with the stars and The Knights of Prosperity.

Canadian Programs
Corner Gas
Instant Star
Alice I Think

Foreign Programs
According to Jim
American Idol
Close to Home
Cold Case
Criminal Minds
CSI: Miami
CSI: New York
Dancing with the Stars
Desperate Housewives
Ghost Whisperer
Grey's Anatomy
Happy Hour
Jeopardy (effective Sept 11)
The Knights of Prosperity
Law & Order
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Law & Order: SVU
Notes from the Underbelly
Rodney (ASN)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
The Class
The Nine
The O.C.
The Soprano's
The View (effective Sept. 5)
Twenty Good Years
What About Brain

Cdn Movies & Specials
2005 Juno Repack 1 Hour
2005 Junos (Awards Show)
2006 JUNO Awards
Crazy Canucks (MOW)
Doomstown (MOW)
Eight Days to Live (MOW)
Figure Skating Canadian Nationals
Friend of the Family (MOW)
Hunt for Justice: The Louise Arbour Story (MOW)
Last Exit (MOW)
Lives of the Saints (pt 1& 2) (Mini)
Mind Over Murder (MOW)
Murder in the Hamptons (MOW)
One Dead Indian (MOW)
Plague City:Sars (MOW)
Playing House (MOW)
Spirit Bear (MOW)
Stompin' Tom In Live Concert
Terry (MOW)
The Man Who Lost Himself (MOW)
Tripping The Wire (MOW)

Foreign Movies & Specials
2005 Academy Awards (Awards Show)
Shrek (Theatrical Movie)
78th Annual Academy Awards
Oscar Countdown 2006
2006 MTV Video Music Awards