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    Quote Originally Posted by Avonregal View Post
    Does anyone know when or if they will be moving other channels from analog to digital?
    Other than the Rogers guy saying in the article I mentioned earlier in this thread that the remaining analog channels would stay there for the next "several years", I haven't heard anything else. The tier 3 channels are all gone, as he said was the plan, and they have used the bandwidth for more digital HD channels. I don't know if there is a big demand to keep adding many more new digital channels, and if anything, there could be a chance of some disappearing once a more pick and pay type of system is enforced. That said, I'm not sure why they would be keeping analog service going when they don't have to, and have actively been trying to get the remaining analog-only customers to obtain a digital terminal.

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    According to my Rogers bill, effective August 22nd I will lose my some of my favourite statations such as Showcase and Bravo. It's a good thing that I can watch some of the shows they carry on-line.

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    Why not just get a DTA adapter from Rogers? They are free.

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    I have the DTA adapter on one of my TV's.

    I currently get those channels for free on Analog.

    I will have to pay for them, if I use the DTA adapter.



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