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    CW Brings Back Gossip But Not Reaper

    CW spreads 'Gossip' to second season

    By James Hibberd
    March 4, 2008

    The CW has picked up "Gossip Girl" for a second season -- but not "Reaper."

    Following ABC's early series renewals announcement last week, the CW declared Monday that it is picking up "Gossip," the eighth run of "Smallville," the fourth season of "Supernatural," the sixth season of "One Tree Hill," a fourth round of "Everybody Hates Chris" and -- for cycles 11 and 12 -- "America's Next Top Model."

    Notably absent from the list: critically acclaimed freshman series "Aliens in America" and "Reaper," along with comedy "The Game." The CW declined comment on the fate of the series.

    The only CW scripted show considered firmly canceled this season is "Life Is Wild."

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    I had a feeling all along that they were going to renew those shows. With Smackdown absent from their lineup next season, America's Next Top Model is pretty much The CW's signature show, along with veteran dramas Smallville, Supernatural, and One Tree Hill. Also, they had to renew at least one of their new shows, and it seemed that Gossip Girl's been faring better.

    By the way, from which site was the news story obtained? I found it out on and The Futon Critic.



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