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    Oct 2011

    Winnipeg Jets in low definition

    Hey... let's party like it's 1995 ! Here in Winnipeg we can only view the Winnipeg Jets on Hockey Night in Canada in low definition. Wow.... terrible.

    At least if CBC didn't broadcast the game at all TSN would pick it up and we could view it in high def. As it is, here in Winnipeg, if we want to watch Hockey Night in Canada in high def, we have to watch the Leafs on the Toronto feed of CBC.

    Get out the Nirvana and the tube television and party like it's 1995. We're watching CBC Winnipeg.

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    Try to look at it as "glass-half-full": at least it wasn't shown in black and white!!

    Seriously, it should be mandated that ALL of their hockey broadcasts be shown in HD. I don't think any other TV event benefits from HD more than hockey.



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