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    TMN: new movies highlights 2012

    January 2012 Highlights

    Sun Jan 1 7:30PM: Mars Needs Moms
    Sun Jan 1 9:00PM: Hall Pass

    Thu Jan 5 7:27PM: Earth's Final Hours (MExcess) [JAN 10 6:00 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Jan 5 9:00PM: Elektra Luxx
    Fri Jan 6 9:00PM: Take Me Home Tonight
    Sat Jan 7 7:27PM: Silent Witness (MExcess) [JAN 8 2:40 AM TMNHD]
    Sat Jan 7 9:02PM: Arthur

    Thu Jan 12 7:20PM: Seeds Of Destruction (MExcess) [JAN 13 2:15 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Jan 12 9:00PM: Troll Hunter
    Fri Jan 13 9:00PM: Incendies
    Sat Jan 14 9:00PM: Scream 4

    Thu Jan 19 9:00PM: The Beaver
    Fri Jan 20 9:00PM: Madea's Big Happy Family
    Sat Jan 21 7:25PM: Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer
    Sat Jan 21 9:00PM: Sanctum
    Sun Jan 22 9:00PM: An Insignificant Harvey (MFest) [JAN 23 4:25 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Jan 26 9:00PM: The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom
    Fri Jan 27 9:00PM: The Bang Bang Club
    Sat Jan 28 9:00PM: Bad Teacher

    February 2012 Highlights

    Thu Feb 2 9:00PM: Do No Harm
    Fri Feb 3 9:00PM: Bloodworth
    Sat Feb 4 9:00PM: Something Borrowed

    Thu Feb 9 9:00PM: A Million Colours
    Fri Feb 10 9:00PM: Rush: Time Machine
    Sat Feb 11 9:00PM: Your Highness

    Thu Feb 16 9:00PM: Fatal Performance
    Fri Feb 17 9:00PM: Prom
    Sat Feb 18 9:00PM: Paul

    Thu Feb 23 9:00PM: Faces In The Crowd
    Fri Feb 24 9:00PM: Attack The Block
    Sat Feb 25 9:00PM: The Tree Of Life

    March 2012 Highlights

    Thu Mar 1 7:25PM: Collision Earth (MExcess) [MAR 1 9:00 PM TMNHD]
    Fri Mar 2 9:00PM: A Better Life
    Sat Mar 3 7:30PM: A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song
    Sat Mar 3 9:00PM: Bridesmaids

    Thu Mar 8 9:00PM: The Kate Logan Affair
    Fri Mar 9 9:00PM: A Little Help
    Sat Mar 10 6:40PM: Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

    Thu Mar 15 9:00PM : Burden Of Evil
    Fri Mar 16 9:00PM : 30 Minutes Or Less
    Sat Mar 17 7:00PM: Green Lantern

    Thu Mar 22 9:00PM: Starbuck
    Fri Mar 23 9:00PM: Flypaper
    Sat Mar 24 9:00PM: Friends With Benefits

    Thu Mar 29 9:00PM: Peepers
    Fri Mar 30 9:00PM: Our Idiot Brother
    Sat Mar 31 7:45PM: Winnie The Pooh
    Sat Mar 31 9:00PM: Conan The Barbarian

    April 2012 Highlights

    Thu Apr 5 12:35PM: Colombiana (MExcess) [APR 5 9:00 PM TMNHD]
    Fri Apr 6 7:15PM: The Smurfs
    Sat Apr 7 9:00PM: Horrible Bosses
    Sat Apr 7 9:35PM: A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (MFun!) [APR 16 2:30 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Apr 12 9:00PM: Sarah's Key
    Fri Apr 13 9:00PM; Straw Dogs
    Sat Apr 14 7:15PM: Zookeeper
    Sat Apr 14 9:00PM: Warrior

    Thu Apr 19 9:00PM: Snow & Ashes
    Fri Apr 20 9:00PM: Margin Call
    Sat Apr 21 9:00PM: Fast Five

    Wed Apr 25 9:00PM: Conduct Unbecoming (MFest) [APR 26 2:40 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Apr 26 9:00PM: The Whistleblower
    Fri Apr 27 9:00PM: Shark Night
    Sat Apr 28 9:00PM: Moneyball
    Sun Apr 29 10:45PM: Hostel: Part III (MExcess) [MAY 4 2:55 AM TMNHD]

    May 2012 Highlights

    Thu May 3 9:00PM: One Day
    Fri May 4 9:00PM: Larry Crowne
    Sat May 5 2:40AM: Crisis Point
    Sat May 5 6:45PM: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2
    Sun May 6 6:25PM : Space Twister

    Thu May 10 9:00PM: Beginners
    Fri May 11 7:25PM: Skew (MExcess) [MAY 12 2:45 AM TMNHD]
    Fri May 11 8:00PM: Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star (MFun!) [MAY 16 2:25 AM TMNHD]
    Fri May 11 9:00PM: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
    Fri May 11 9:00PM: Pour L'Amour De Dieu (MFest) [MAY 24 4:05 AM TMNHD]
    Sat May 12 7:10PM: Cars 2
    Sat May 12 9:00PM: The Help

    Thu May 17 9:00PM: The Guard
    Fri May 18 9:00PM: Fright Night
    Fri May 18 10:25PM: Die (MExcess) [MAY 19 2:55 AM TMNHD]
    Sat May 19 9:00PM: The Change-Up
    Sun May 20 9:00PM: 50/50
    Mon May 21 7:10PM: Abduction

    Thu May 24 9:00PM: Anonymous
    Fri May 25 9:00PM: Killer Elite
    Sat May 26 9:00PM: The Ides Of March

    June 2012 Highlights

    Thu May 31 9:00PM: Afghan Luke
    Fri June 1 9:00PM: Dream House
    Sat June 2 7:00PM: Dolphin Tale
    Sat June 2 9:00PM: Final Destination 5

    Thu June 7 9:00PM: Retreat
    Fri June 8 7:25PM: Deadly Hope (MExcess) [JUNE 9 4:25 AM TMNHD]
    Fri June 8 9:00PM: Crazy Stupid Love
    Sat June 9 9:00PM: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
    Sat June 9 9:00PM: French Immersion (MFest) [JULY 2 4:20 AM TMNHD]

    Thu June 14 9:00PM: La Conquete
    Thu June 14 9:00PM: Bounty Hunters (MExcess) [JUNE 15 12:50 AM TMNHD]
    Fri June 15 9:00PM: The Rum Diary
    Fri June 15 9:00PM: Moon Point (MFest) [JULY 5 7:45 AM TMNHD]
    Sat June 16 9:00PM; The Hangover Part II
    Sat June 16 10:45PM: Hobo With A Shotgun (MExcess) [JUNE 21 2:45 AM TMNHD]
    Sun June 17 7:30PM: African Cats (Documentary)
    Sun June 17 9:00PM: Courageous

    Tue June 19 9:00PM: Mulroney: The Opera (MFest) [NO OTHER SCHEDULED AIRING]

    Thu June 21 7:20PM: Wyatt Earp's Revenge (MExcess) [JUNE 25 11:45 AM TMNHD]
    Thu June 21 9:00PM: Page One: Inside The New York Times (Documentary)
    Fri June 22 9:00PM: The Debt
    Sat June 23 9:00PM: Jack And Jill

    Thu June 28 9:00PM: Cell 211
    Fri June 29 9:00PM: London Boulevard
    Sat June 30 6:45PM: Real Steel
    Sat June 30 9:00PM: Drive
    Sat June 30 10:45PM: Wrecked (MExcess) [JULY 4 8:25 AM TMNHD]
    Sun July 1 8:00PM: In Studio (Documentary) (MFest) [JULY 26 8:00 PM TMNHD]
    Sun July 1 9:00PM: Café De Flore (MFest) [JULY 17 7:35 AM TMNHD]

    July 2012 Highlights

    Thu July 5 9:00PM: The Kid With A Bike
    Fri July 6 9:00PM: The Thing
    Fri July 6 9:00PM: Marecages (MFest) [JULY 15 3:45 AM TMNHD]
    Sat July 7 7:25PM: The Greening Of Whitney Brown
    Sat July 7 9:00PM: Contagion

    Thu July 12 7:30PM: The Wife He Met Online (MExcess) [JULY 13 2:20 AM TMNHD]
    Thu July 12 9:00PM: Sympathy For Delicious
    Fri July 13 9:00PM: The Three Musketeers
    Sat July 14 9:00PM: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (US)

    Thu July 19 7:25PM: Offline (MExcess) [JULY 20 3:55 AM TMNHD]
    Thu July 19 9:00PM: Knuckle
    Fri July 20 9:00PM: Melancholia
    Sat July 21 9:00PM: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    Sun July 22 9:00PM: The Dish & The Spoon (MFest) [AUG 15 6:00 AM TMNHD]

    Thu July 26 9:00PM: A Dangerous Method
    Fri July 27 9:00PM: The Son Of No One
    Sat July 28 9:00PM: Immortals
    Sat July 28 11:00PM: JFL XXX - The Ultimate Nasty Show (Just For Laughs)

    August 2012 Highlights

    Thu Aug 2 8:00PM: Summerhood (MFun!) [AUGUST 11 4:15 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Aug 2 9:00PM: Toast
    Fri Aug 3 9:00PM: A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
    Sat Aug 4 9:00PM: Cowboys & Aliens
    Sun Aug 5 8:00PM: Swinging With The Finkels (MFun!) [AUGUST 14 4:30 AM TMNHD]
    Sun Aug 5 9:00PM: Johnny English Reborn

    Thu Aug 9 9:00PM: Sleeping Beauty
    Fri Aug 10 9:00PM: J. Edgar
    Sat Aug 11 7:25PM: Shades Of Ray (MFest) [SEPT 5 6:00 AM TMNHD]
    Sat Aug 11 9:00PM: Tower Heist
    Sun Aug 12 7:00PM: One Life (Documentary) {MFest) [AUG 27 7:20 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Aug 16 9:00PM: Shame
    Fri Aug 17 9:00PM: The Darkest Hour
    Sat Aug 18 7:15PM: Happy Feet Two
    Sat Aug 18 9:00PM: The Iron Lady

    Thu Aug 23 9:00PM: The Man On The Train
    Fri Aug 24 9:00PM: Underworld: Awakening
    Sat Aug 25 7:25PM: Spy Kids: All The Time In The World
    Sat Aug 25 9:00PM: The Vow
    Mon Aug 27 7:25PM: Broken Trust (MExcess) [AUGUST 28 4:30 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Aug 30 9:00PM: In The Land Of Blood And Honey
    Fri Aug 31 9:00PM: Haywire
    Sat Sept 1 7:15PM: The Muppets
    Sun Sept 2 7:15PM: HOP

    September 2012 Highlights

    Wed Sept 5 9:00PM: Absentia (MExcess) [SEPT 6 12:35 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Sept 6 8:00PM: Mayor Cupcake (MFun!) [SEPT 11 4:30 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Sept 6 9:00PM: Hard Core Logo 2
    Fri Sept 7 9:00PM: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
    Sat Sept 8 7:35PM: The True Story Of Puss N Boots
    Sat Sept 8 9:00PM: War Horse

    Thu Sept 13 9:00PM: Down The Road Again
    Fri Sept 14 9:00PM: Apollo 18
    Sat Sept 15 9:00PM: One For The Money

    Thu Sept 20 9:00PM: Sing Your Song (Documentary)
    Fri Sept 21 8:56PM: I Don't Know How She Does It
    Sat Sept 22 9:00PM: The Grey
    Sun Sept 23 7:20PM: Her Master's Voice (MFest) [OCT 12 6:00 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Sept 27 9:00PM: We Need To Talk About Kevin
    Fri Sept 28 9:00PM: Albert Nobbs
    Sat Sept 29 9:00PM: Contraband
    Mon Oct 1 7:30PM: The Riverbank (MExcess) [OCT 16 12:10 PM TMNHD]
    Mon Oct 1 7:30PM: The Whale (MFest) [OCT 5 7:45 AM TMNHD]

    October 2012 Highlights

    Thu Oct 4 9:00PM: Show Stopper: The Theatrical Life Of Garth Drabinsky (Documentary)
    Fri Oct 5 9:00PM: Goon
    Sat Oct 6 9:00PM: Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

    Tue Oct 9 9:00PM: Seven Below (MExcess) [OCT 14 4:20 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Oct 11 9:00PM: Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy
    Fri Oct 12 9:00PM: Man On A Ledge
    Sat Oct 13 9:00PM: Act Of Valor
    Mon Oct 15 9:00PM: Donovan's Echo (MExcess) [OCT 25 6:00 PM TMNHD]

    Thu Oct 18 9:00PM: Boy
    Thu Oct 18 10:30PM: On The Ice
    Fri Oct 19 9:00PM: W.E.
    Sat Oct 20 9:00PM: 21 Jump Street
    Mon Oct 22 9:00PM: Freerunner (MExcess) [OCT 23 2:55 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Oct 25 9:00PM: A Little Bit Zombie
    Fri Oct 26 9:00PM: Gone
    Sat Oct 27 9:00PM: The Woman In Black

    November 2012 Highlights

    Thu Nov 1 4:45PM: Freddy Frogface (Animation) (MFun!) [NOV 9 9:05 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Nov 1 7:00PM: Klitschko (MFest) [no TMNHD airing scheduled]
    Thu Nov 1 7:25PM: The Philadelphia Experiment (MExcess) [NOV 6 8:15 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Nov 1 9:00PM: In Darkness
    Fri Nov 2 9:00PM: The Hunter
    Fri Nov 2 11:35PM: Overnight (MFun!) [no TMNHD airing scheduled]
    Sat Nov 3 9:00PM: John Carter
    Mon Nov 5 7:15PM: Taken Back: Finding Haley (MExcess) [NOV 15 9:50 AM TMNHD]

    Tue Nov 6 9:35PM: The Love Guide (MFun!) [DEC 12 6:00 AM TMNHD]
    Wed Nov 7 7:31AM: Animals United (Animation)
    Thu Nov 8 9:00PM: Sisters & Brothers
    Fri Nov 9 9:00PM: Meeting Evil
    Sat Nov 10 9:00PM: The Artist

    Thu Nov 15 9:00PM: Detention
    Fri Nov 16 9:00PM: Silent House
    Sat Nov 17 9:00PM: Mirror, Mirror

    Thu Nov 22 9:00PM: Keyhole
    Fri Nov 23 9:00PM: Bel Ami
    Sat Nov 24 9:00PM: My Week With Marilyn

    December 2012 Highlights

    Thu Nov 29 9:00PM: Dawn Rider
    Fri Nov 30 9:00PM: Tonight You're Mine
    Sat Dec 1 9:00PM: Safe
    Sun Dec 2 7:25PM: The Wishing Tree
    Mon Dec 3 7:25PM: Ghost Storm (MExcess) [DEC 16 4:25 AM TMNHD]
    Tue Dec 4 7:25PM: Dragon Eyes (MExcess) [No other airing scheduled]

    Thu Dec 6 9:00PM: I'm Yours
    Fri Dec 7 7:25PM: It's Christmas, Carol!
    Fri Dec 7 9:00PM: The Flowers Of War
    Sat Dec 8 9:00PM: New Year's Eve
    Sun Dec 9 6:25PM: Love at the Parade (MFest) [DEC 9 7:25 PM TMNHD]

    Thu Dec 13 7:25PM: Willed To Kill (MExcess) [DEC 18 4:25 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Dec 13 9:00PM: Jiro Dreams Of Sushi
    Fri Dec 14 9:00PM: Starship Troopers: Invasion
    Sat Dec 15 9:00PM: Wanderlust
    Sun Dec 16 7:25PM: The Christmas Consultant

    Thu Dec 20 9:00PM: Johnny Cash: Song By Song (Documentary)
    Fri Dec 21 9:00PM: Joyful Noise
    Sat Dec 22 9:00PM: Salmon Fishing In The Yemen
    Sun Dec 23 7:25PM: The 12 Disasters Of Christmas

    Mon Dec 24 7:30PM: The Pirates! Band Of Misfits
    Tue Dec 25 7:10PM: Big Miracle
    Wed Dec 26 7:15PM: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
    Wed Dec 26 9:00PM: Safe House
    Thu Dec 27 9:00PM: Marley (Documentary)
    Fri Dec 28 9:00PM: Monsieur Lazhar
    Sat Dec 29 9:00PM: Wrath Of The Titans
    Sun Dec 30 9:00PM: Project X
    Tue Jan 1 9:00PM: Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

    When a movie premieres on MExcess, MFun! or MFest, the 1st airing of a movie on TMN HD is listed in [brackets] to help out subscribers who have no access to the 3 other HD feeds.

    The above listing does not include HBO, Mpix movies, series and adult movies. More movies can premiere at a different time on MExcess, MFun or MFest and therefor not appear in advance in the above listing.

    Disclaimer: I do not represent nor have any affiliation with The Movie Network or Astral Media. TMN can apply change their schedule anytime.
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