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    TMN: new movies highlights 2012

    January 2012 Highlights

    Sun Jan 1 7:30PM: Mars Needs Moms
    Sun Jan 1 9:00PM: Hall Pass

    Thu Jan 5 7:27PM: Earth's Final Hours (MExcess) [JAN 10 6:00 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Jan 5 9:00PM: Elektra Luxx
    Fri Jan 6 9:00PM: Take Me Home Tonight
    Sat Jan 7 7:27PM: Silent Witness (MExcess) [JAN 8 2:40 AM TMNHD]
    Sat Jan 7 9:02PM: Arthur

    Thu Jan 12 7:20PM: Seeds Of Destruction (MExcess) [JAN 13 2:15 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Jan 12 9:00PM: Troll Hunter
    Fri Jan 13 9:00PM: Incendies
    Sat Jan 14 9:00PM: Scream 4

    Thu Jan 19 9:00PM: The Beaver
    Fri Jan 20 9:00PM: Madea's Big Happy Family
    Sat Jan 21 7:25PM: Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer
    Sat Jan 21 9:00PM: Sanctum
    Sun Jan 22 9:00PM: An Insignificant Harvey (MFest) [JAN 23 4:25 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Jan 26 9:00PM: The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom
    Fri Jan 27 9:00PM: The Bang Bang Club
    Sat Jan 28 9:00PM: Bad Teacher

    February 2012 Highlights

    Thu Feb 2 9:00PM: Do No Harm
    Fri Feb 3 9:00PM: Bloodworth
    Sat Feb 4 9:00PM: Something Borrowed

    Thu Feb 9 9:00PM: A Million Colours
    Fri Feb 10 9:00PM: Rush: Time Machine
    Sat Feb 11 9:00PM: Your Highness

    Thu Feb 16 9:00PM: Fatal Performance
    Fri Feb 17 9:00PM: Prom
    Sat Feb 18 9:00PM: Paul

    Thu Feb 23 9:00PM: Faces In The Crowd
    Fri Feb 24 9:00PM: Attack The Block
    Sat Feb 25 9:00PM: The Tree Of Life

    March 2012 Highlights

    Thu Mar 1 7:25PM: Collision Earth (MExcess) [MAR 1 9:00 PM TMNHD]
    Fri Mar 2 9:00PM: A Better Life
    Sat Mar 3 7:30PM: A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song
    Sat Mar 3 9:00PM: Bridesmaids

    Thu Mar 8 9:00PM: The Kate Logan Affair
    Fri Mar 9 9:00PM: A Little Help
    Sat Mar 10 6:40PM: Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

    Thu Mar 15 9:00PM : Burden Of Evil
    Fri Mar 16 9:00PM : 30 Minutes Or Less
    Sat Mar 17 7:00PM: Green Lantern

    Thu Mar 22 9:00PM: Starbuck
    Fri Mar 23 9:00PM: Flypaper
    Sat Mar 24 9:00PM: Friends With Benefits

    Thu Mar 29 9:00PM: Peepers
    Fri Mar 30 9:00PM: Our Idiot Brother
    Sat Mar 31 7:45PM: Winnie The Pooh
    Sat Mar 31 9:00PM: Conan The Barbarian

    April 2012 Highlights

    Thu Apr 5 12:35PM: Colombiana (MExcess) [APR 5 9:00 PM TMNHD]
    Fri Apr 6 7:15PM: The Smurfs
    Sat Apr 7 9:00PM: Horrible Bosses
    Sat Apr 7 9:35PM: A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (MFun!) [APR 16 2:30 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Apr 12 9:00PM: Sarah's Key
    Fri Apr 13 9:00PM; Straw Dogs
    Sat Apr 14 7:15PM: Zookeeper
    Sat Apr 14 9:00PM: Warrior

    Thu Apr 19 9:00PM: Snow & Ashes
    Fri Apr 20 9:00PM: Margin Call
    Sat Apr 21 9:00PM: Fast Five

    Wed Apr 25 9:00PM: Conduct Unbecoming (MFest) [APR 26 2:40 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Apr 26 9:00PM: The Whistleblower
    Fri Apr 27 9:00PM: Shark Night
    Sat Apr 28 9:00PM: Moneyball
    Sun Apr 29 10:45PM: Hostel: Part III (MExcess) [MAY 4 2:55 AM TMNHD]

    May 2012 Highlights

    Thu May 3 9:00PM: One Day
    Fri May 4 9:00PM: Larry Crowne
    Sat May 5 2:40AM: Crisis Point
    Sat May 5 6:45PM: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2
    Sun May 6 6:25PM : Space Twister

    Thu May 10 9:00PM: Beginners
    Fri May 11 7:25PM: Skew (MExcess) [MAY 12 2:45 AM TMNHD]
    Fri May 11 8:00PM: Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star (MFun!) [MAY 16 2:25 AM TMNHD]
    Fri May 11 9:00PM: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
    Fri May 11 9:00PM: Pour L'Amour De Dieu (MFest) [MAY 24 4:05 AM TMNHD]
    Sat May 12 7:10PM: Cars 2
    Sat May 12 9:00PM: The Help

    Thu May 17 9:00PM: The Guard
    Fri May 18 9:00PM: Fright Night
    Fri May 18 10:25PM: Die (MExcess) [MAY 19 2:55 AM TMNHD]
    Sat May 19 9:00PM: The Change-Up
    Sun May 20 9:00PM: 50/50
    Mon May 21 7:10PM: Abduction

    Thu May 24 9:00PM: Anonymous
    Fri May 25 9:00PM: Killer Elite
    Sat May 26 9:00PM: The Ides Of March

    June 2012 Highlights

    Thu May 31 9:00PM: Afghan Luke
    Fri June 1 9:00PM: Dream House
    Sat June 2 7:00PM: Dolphin Tale
    Sat June 2 9:00PM: Final Destination 5

    Thu June 7 9:00PM: Retreat
    Fri June 8 7:25PM: Deadly Hope (MExcess) [JUNE 9 4:25 AM TMNHD]
    Fri June 8 9:00PM: Crazy Stupid Love
    Sat June 9 9:00PM: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
    Sat June 9 9:00PM: French Immersion (MFest) [JULY 2 4:20 AM TMNHD]

    Thu June 14 9:00PM: La Conquete
    Thu June 14 9:00PM: Bounty Hunters (MExcess) [JUNE 15 12:50 AM TMNHD]
    Fri June 15 9:00PM: The Rum Diary
    Fri June 15 9:00PM: Moon Point (MFest) [JULY 5 7:45 AM TMNHD]
    Sat June 16 9:00PM; The Hangover Part II
    Sat June 16 10:45PM: Hobo With A Shotgun (MExcess) [JUNE 21 2:45 AM TMNHD]
    Sun June 17 7:30PM: African Cats (Documentary)
    Sun June 17 9:00PM: Courageous

    Tue June 19 9:00PM: Mulroney: The Opera (MFest) [NO OTHER SCHEDULED AIRING]

    Thu June 21 7:20PM: Wyatt Earp's Revenge (MExcess) [JUNE 25 11:45 AM TMNHD]
    Thu June 21 9:00PM: Page One: Inside The New York Times (Documentary)
    Fri June 22 9:00PM: The Debt
    Sat June 23 9:00PM: Jack And Jill

    Thu June 28 9:00PM: Cell 211
    Fri June 29 9:00PM: London Boulevard
    Sat June 30 6:45PM: Real Steel
    Sat June 30 9:00PM: Drive
    Sat June 30 10:45PM: Wrecked (MExcess) [JULY 4 8:25 AM TMNHD]
    Sun July 1 8:00PM: In Studio (Documentary) (MFest) [JULY 26 8:00 PM TMNHD]
    Sun July 1 9:00PM: Café De Flore (MFest) [JULY 17 7:35 AM TMNHD]

    July 2012 Highlights

    Thu July 5 9:00PM: The Kid With A Bike
    Fri July 6 9:00PM: The Thing
    Fri July 6 9:00PM: Marecages (MFest) [JULY 15 3:45 AM TMNHD]
    Sat July 7 7:25PM: The Greening Of Whitney Brown
    Sat July 7 9:00PM: Contagion

    Thu July 12 7:30PM: The Wife He Met Online (MExcess) [JULY 13 2:20 AM TMNHD]
    Thu July 12 9:00PM: Sympathy For Delicious
    Fri July 13 9:00PM: The Three Musketeers
    Sat July 14 9:00PM: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (US)

    Thu July 19 7:25PM: Offline (MExcess) [JULY 20 3:55 AM TMNHD]
    Thu July 19 9:00PM: Knuckle
    Fri July 20 9:00PM: Melancholia
    Sat July 21 9:00PM: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    Sun July 22 9:00PM: The Dish & The Spoon (MFest) [AUG 15 6:00 AM TMNHD]

    Thu July 26 9:00PM: A Dangerous Method
    Fri July 27 9:00PM: The Son Of No One
    Sat July 28 9:00PM: Immortals
    Sat July 28 11:00PM: JFL XXX - The Ultimate Nasty Show (Just For Laughs)

    August 2012 Highlights

    Thu Aug 2 8:00PM: Summerhood (MFun!) [AUGUST 11 4:15 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Aug 2 9:00PM: Toast
    Fri Aug 3 9:00PM: A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
    Sat Aug 4 9:00PM: Cowboys & Aliens
    Sun Aug 5 8:00PM: Swinging With The Finkels (MFun!) [AUGUST 14 4:30 AM TMNHD]
    Sun Aug 5 9:00PM: Johnny English Reborn

    Thu Aug 9 9:00PM: Sleeping Beauty
    Fri Aug 10 9:00PM: J. Edgar
    Sat Aug 11 7:25PM: Shades Of Ray (MFest) [SEPT 5 6:00 AM TMNHD]
    Sat Aug 11 9:00PM: Tower Heist
    Sun Aug 12 7:00PM: One Life (Documentary) {MFest) [AUG 27 7:20 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Aug 16 9:00PM: Shame
    Fri Aug 17 9:00PM: The Darkest Hour
    Sat Aug 18 7:15PM: Happy Feet Two
    Sat Aug 18 9:00PM: The Iron Lady

    Thu Aug 23 9:00PM: The Man On The Train
    Fri Aug 24 9:00PM: Underworld: Awakening
    Sat Aug 25 7:25PM: Spy Kids: All The Time In The World
    Sat Aug 25 9:00PM: The Vow
    Mon Aug 27 7:25PM: Broken Trust (MExcess) [AUGUST 28 4:30 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Aug 30 9:00PM: In The Land Of Blood And Honey
    Fri Aug 31 9:00PM: Haywire
    Sat Sept 1 7:15PM: The Muppets
    Sun Sept 2 7:15PM: HOP

    September 2012 Highlights

    Wed Sept 5 9:00PM: Absentia (MExcess) [SEPT 6 12:35 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Sept 6 8:00PM: Mayor Cupcake (MFun!) [SEPT 11 4:30 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Sept 6 9:00PM: Hard Core Logo 2
    Fri Sept 7 9:00PM: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
    Sat Sept 8 7:35PM: The True Story Of Puss N Boots
    Sat Sept 8 9:00PM: War Horse

    Thu Sept 13 9:00PM: Down The Road Again
    Fri Sept 14 9:00PM: Apollo 18
    Sat Sept 15 9:00PM: One For The Money

    Thu Sept 20 9:00PM: Sing Your Song (Documentary)
    Fri Sept 21 8:56PM: I Don't Know How She Does It
    Sat Sept 22 9:00PM: The Grey
    Sun Sept 23 7:20PM: Her Master's Voice (MFest) [OCT 12 6:00 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Sept 27 9:00PM: We Need To Talk About Kevin
    Fri Sept 28 9:00PM: Albert Nobbs
    Sat Sept 29 9:00PM: Contraband
    Mon Oct 1 7:30PM: The Riverbank (MExcess) [OCT 16 12:10 PM TMNHD]
    Mon Oct 1 7:30PM: The Whale (MFest) [OCT 5 7:45 AM TMNHD]

    October 2012 Highlights

    Thu Oct 4 9:00PM: Show Stopper: The Theatrical Life Of Garth Drabinsky (Documentary)
    Fri Oct 5 9:00PM: Goon
    Sat Oct 6 9:00PM: Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

    Tue Oct 9 9:00PM: Seven Below (MExcess) [OCT 14 4:20 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Oct 11 9:00PM: Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy
    Fri Oct 12 9:00PM: Man On A Ledge
    Sat Oct 13 9:00PM: Act Of Valor
    Mon Oct 15 9:00PM: Donovan's Echo (MExcess) [OCT 25 6:00 PM TMNHD]

    Thu Oct 18 9:00PM: Boy
    Thu Oct 18 10:30PM: On The Ice
    Fri Oct 19 9:00PM: W.E.
    Sat Oct 20 9:00PM: 21 Jump Street
    Mon Oct 22 9:00PM: Freerunner (MExcess) [OCT 23 2:55 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Oct 25 9:00PM: A Little Bit Zombie
    Fri Oct 26 9:00PM: Gone
    Sat Oct 27 9:00PM: The Woman In Black

    November 2012 Highlights

    Thu Nov 1 4:45PM: Freddy Frogface (Animation) (MFun!) [NOV 9 9:05 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Nov 1 7:00PM: Klitschko (MFest) [no TMNHD airing scheduled]
    Thu Nov 1 7:25PM: The Philadelphia Experiment (MExcess) [NOV 6 8:15 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Nov 1 9:00PM: In Darkness
    Fri Nov 2 9:00PM: The Hunter
    Fri Nov 2 11:35PM: Overnight (MFun!) [no TMNHD airing scheduled]
    Sat Nov 3 9:00PM: John Carter
    Mon Nov 5 7:15PM: Taken Back: Finding Haley (MExcess) [NOV 15 9:50 AM TMNHD]

    Tue Nov 6 9:35PM: The Love Guide (MFun!) [DEC 12 6:00 AM TMNHD]
    Wed Nov 7 7:31AM: Animals United (Animation)
    Thu Nov 8 9:00PM: Sisters & Brothers
    Fri Nov 9 9:00PM: Meeting Evil
    Sat Nov 10 9:00PM: The Artist

    Thu Nov 15 9:00PM: Detention
    Fri Nov 16 9:00PM: Silent House
    Sat Nov 17 9:00PM: Mirror, Mirror

    Thu Nov 22 9:00PM: Keyhole
    Fri Nov 23 9:00PM: Bel Ami
    Sat Nov 24 9:00PM: My Week With Marilyn

    December 2012 Highlights

    Thu Nov 29 9:00PM: Dawn Rider
    Fri Nov 30 9:00PM: Tonight You're Mine
    Sat Dec 1 9:00PM: Safe
    Sun Dec 2 7:25PM: The Wishing Tree
    Mon Dec 3 7:25PM: Ghost Storm (MExcess) [DEC 16 4:25 AM TMNHD]
    Tue Dec 4 7:25PM: Dragon Eyes (MExcess) [No other airing scheduled]

    Thu Dec 6 9:00PM: I'm Yours
    Fri Dec 7 7:25PM: It's Christmas, Carol!
    Fri Dec 7 9:00PM: The Flowers Of War
    Sat Dec 8 9:00PM: New Year's Eve
    Sun Dec 9 6:25PM: Love at the Parade (MFest) [DEC 9 7:25 PM TMNHD]

    Thu Dec 13 7:25PM: Willed To Kill (MExcess) [DEC 18 4:25 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Dec 13 9:00PM: Jiro Dreams Of Sushi
    Fri Dec 14 9:00PM: Starship Troopers: Invasion
    Sat Dec 15 9:00PM: Wanderlust
    Sun Dec 16 7:25PM: The Christmas Consultant

    Thu Dec 20 9:00PM: Johnny Cash: Song By Song (Documentary)
    Fri Dec 21 9:00PM: Joyful Noise
    Sat Dec 22 9:00PM: Salmon Fishing In The Yemen
    Sun Dec 23 7:25PM: The 12 Disasters Of Christmas

    Mon Dec 24 7:30PM: The Pirates! Band Of Misfits
    Tue Dec 25 7:10PM: Big Miracle
    Wed Dec 26 7:15PM: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
    Wed Dec 26 9:00PM: Safe House
    Thu Dec 27 9:00PM: Marley (Documentary)
    Fri Dec 28 9:00PM: Monsieur Lazhar
    Sat Dec 29 9:00PM: Wrath Of The Titans
    Sun Dec 30 9:00PM: Project X
    Tue Jan 1 9:00PM: Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

    When a movie premieres on MExcess, MFun! or MFest, the 1st airing of a movie on TMN HD is listed in [brackets] to help out subscribers who have no access to the 3 other HD feeds.

    The above listing does not include HBO, Mpix movies, series and adult movies. More movies can premiere at a different time on MExcess, MFun or MFest and therefor not appear in advance in the above listing.

    Disclaimer: I do not represent nor have any affiliation with The Movie Network or Astral Media. TMN can apply change their schedule anytime.
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    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    A neat trick for this great list!

    Just highlight the name of a movie, right click on it and select search the web while in the google chrome web browser. The internet movie database will come up in the search. Select IMDB where you can read up on the movie and even watch a trailer to see if you want to watch it or not.


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    December highlights are up!
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    I have decided to not continue the listing of TMN's new movies for 2013.

    First reason, I dropped TMN a few months ago due to the ever-increasing fees from cable provider, while annual financial reports shows that The Movie Network is receiving only half of that amount, similar to a monthly subscription to Netflix. I refuse to pay double for a service where half of it goes to the cable provider which carries only 2 HD feeds over the 5 available. It's plain abusive.

    Second reason, TMN belongs to Astral, that Bell Canada is attempting to buy. I don't want anything to do with Bell and I'm strongly against the sale. I hate the brand, I hate the service, I hate their business practices, I hate the market share it's already taking and I hate the fact that they wanna get bigger.

    If those listings were helpful to you, thanks for the support :)
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    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.



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