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Thread: Chum Fm

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    Chum Fm

    TV show CHUM FM or CHUM CHART has been renamed JACK FM COUNTDOWN

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    It has not be renamed - it's a different show altogether. The CHUM Chart (based on the same weekly countdown from CHUM FM in Toronto) used to air on Citytv until Rogers bought the TV station in late October of last year. After the sale, The CHUM Chart was cancelled but only on Citytv, but CHUM FM maintains its ownership under CTVglobemedia (formerly CHUM).

    The JACK FM Countdown was introduced to the schedule, as both Citytv and JACK FM are under the ownership of Rogers, and it is a form of cross promotion between the stations.

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    I have watched both shows and they are the same show. They both count down the top songs of the week. The Chum fm show did not have a host you could see, the Jack fm show does. other then that they are the same.

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    Manitoba, Canada
    Most FM popular radio stations all do the same thing, not just Chum and Jack.

    They all got the top 40 hits of whatever category the choose, they all have the countdown for the day. The only way the differ is in the music they play, and most of them do not differ that much.



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