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    CBS airs Flashpoint and Swingtown this summer

    CBS Saves 'Swingtown' For Summer

    The network will also air 'Flashpoint' this summer

    March 5, 2008

    CBS will throw a Key Party this May and the network is inviting all of America (so be careful who you end up going home with).

    "Swingtown," a '70s-set drama complete with couple-swapping, will finally have its premiere on Thursday, May 29 at 10 p.m. ET.

    Originally scheduled for a midseason launch, "Swingtown" is one of two new dramas set to air on CBS this summer along with the Canadian-produced "Flashpoint," which will launch in July on a yet-to-be-determined night and time.

    "Swingtown" is executive produced by Mike Kelley, Alan Poul and Carol Barbee and stars an assortment of familiar faces including Jack Davenport ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), Molly Parker ("Deadwood"), Grant Show ("Melrose Place"), Miriam Shor ("The West Wing"), Lana Parrilla ("Boomtown") and Josh Hopkins ("Brothers and Sisters"). The basic premise involves a couple who move into an affluent Chicago suburb at a pivotal moment in the tumultuous '70s.

    The network presented "Swingtown" to advertisers last May as part of CBS' new push toward creative risk-taking. Several of the other shows presented at that time have either been total duds ("Viva Laughlin") or minor disappointments ("Kid Nation" and "Cane"). CBS always planned to hold "Swingtown" until midseason when its episodes could air without repeats and interruptions, but the now-settled writers strike came too early in the show's production run for a winter premiere.

    Now back in production, "Swingtown" will have a 13-episode summer run.

    "Flashpoint" was originally developed by CTV, Canada's largest privately owned English language broadcast network, but was picked up for a CBS run in the midst of the strike. The drama focuses on a highly skilled team of cops facing some of biggest challenges available in an urban area that's an awful lot like Toronto. Enrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillon and David Paetkau star.

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    Very excited for Flashpoint. It's good that it is airing in the summer because it might get more hype then CTV gives Whistler. Has there been a timeslot set for Flashpoint yet? If there hasn't it wouldn't surprise me if it aired on Thursday because then CTV and CBS could both use CSI as a lead in.

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    It's too soon to say whether that will be the case. If previous summers are any indication, CTV will probably go with a lineup of CSI reruns at 8, So You Think You Can Dance results in simulcast with FOX at 9, and that may be followed by Flashpoint in simulcast with CBS at 10 (in place of Without a Trace reruns). That is only if CBS's other new summer show Swingtown moves to another night and timeslot following its premiere (Thursday, May 29 at 10pm), as the show will run for 13 episodes.

    But it would be safe to assume that CTV will find a better timeslot during the week rather than dump it on Saturdays.
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