I am seeking some very specific footage that has thus far baffled me and further, has shaken my faith in the greatest research tool known to man, the internet. I ask your assistance with any, or ALL of the following...:)

UNSOLVED CRIME SERIES (Global): First of all, I am seeking production info about a regular series that ran on GLOBAL TELEVISION NETWORK around 1975. I believe it was an hour-long program that featured re-enactments of unsolved crimes in Ontario. Specifically, I am seeking the episode which explored the suspicious November 1975 death of Markdale, ON. resident, Violet Semple.

WHA HOCKEY (Global): Secondly, I am seeking production info on intermission features that used to run between periods of the Toronto Toros WHA games featured on GLOBAL, Toronto. Specifically here, I am seeking an interview with Toronto Toro goalie Dave Tataryn, demonstrating a work-out technique where he tossed quarters and snatched them out of the air one at a time, before they hit the floor.

NIGHT SHIFT PEOPLE (CTV or Ind. Calgary station): Lastly, I am seeking production info on a series that dealt with folks who worked night shifts in Calgary, AB from around 1981. Specifically here, I am seeking an episode on security guards and specifically Base Fort Patrol corporal, Kelly Wilson.

I know these properties are quite specific and likely to be very rare, but if you can forward ANY information on a good starting point on which to base a search, I would be most grateful.

Thanks and cheers!
Jeffrey R. P. Wilson