I have found that Netflix has a somewhat pathetic selection of programming, even for $8 per month; if the outrageous CRTC has their way, Netflix will be forced to provide enen more boring Canadian productions, as if we don't already get enough of that from the CBC, without paying them other than the usual commercial barrages.

Now, I have watched the final episode offered by Netflix of the only tv series they offer worth watching--MI-5. Needless to say, the series "ended" on a cliffhanger, with India-Pakistan on the verge of a nuclear war. Obviously, I will have to search the Internet for the remainder of this series, where they might even be free.

In addition, Netflix is not offered as a selection on this website's selections. How do I know they are bothering to read this? Why is this site not called "Netflix Forums" as with other retailers, such as Dell, Hewlwtt-Packard, Microsoft, and dozens of others?

Well, it's off to the Internet in search of the rest of MI-5. I expect I will have better lick there.