Does anyone know where I could find an updated channel list for Bell Fibe TV?! The idiots at Bell removed the channel lineup link that was on the Fibe TV website for some reason and I cannot find a channel list anywhere. :mad: The Fibe TV lineup on Zap2it is not updated and the online TV guide on Bell's main site is only for Bell TV, nothing for Fibe TV.

What kind of idiots are running the show at this company- billion dollar enterprise yet they can't post a simple channel list for their service on their own damn site!? They don't even have any email contact, you have to phone in and wait on hold for hours just to ask about something that should be listed on their website. Found a link for their chat feature but its only for Bell TV, they have no clue about Fibe TV and there is no chat feature for Fibe?!?

Any Fibe TV subs on here by chance that could possibly send me a channel list?!