I found this about the movie:

Samantha introduced girls to a Victorian lifestyle, while Felicity showed the forces at work during the American Revolution. Now, Molly will demonstrate how World War II affected a nine-year-old girl living in Illinois.

The Disney Channel will premiere "Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front" on Sunday night, Nov. 26. The made-for-TV holiday movie is the latest installment based on the popular American Girl dolls and books.

Set in 1944, the film centers on how Molly McIntire (Maya Ritter) must learn to deal with the sacrifices and hardship during World War II. She befriends Emily Bennett (Tory Green), an English girl who escaped the bombings in London and now lives with the McIntires. The girls learn to cooperate and get along, just like the rest of the nation does to win the war.

The character Molly was first introduced in 1986 and became a favorite among young girls. Her friend Emily was introduced to the Molly-related line as an 18-inch doll in September.

"Molly" also stars Molly Ringwald and David Aaron Baker as parents Helen and Dr. James McIntire. The film is produced by American Girl, Revolution Studios, and Red Om Films in association with Warner Bros. Television Production Inc.

The two other films in the series, "Samantha: An American Girl Holiday" and "Felicity: An American Girl Adventure," grabbed big numbers when they debuted on The WB. Both will re-air on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, Dec. 2