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    Teletoon, Teletoon Retro and Cartoon Network announce fall season highlights

    TELETOON Canada*Inc.*today announced fall programming lineups forTELETOON,*TELETOON at Night,*TELETOON Retro,*Cartoon Network*and*Adult Swim. Full to the brim with new series, seasons, movies and episodes, the TELETOON Canada fall season officially launches on*Monday, September 3, 2012. “This is undoubtedly an epic fall season for TELETOON Canada’s family of networks,” said Carole Bonneau, Vice-President, Programming, TELETOON Canada Inc. [...]


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    May 2009
    So, why did teletoon bring adult swim to canada if its apparently going to only air 4 shows .... how nice. Why can't they bring over all the new and exciting shows from its American counterpart ... like Black Dynamite .. Children's hospital, TOONAMI!!! Like shit, .. this is annoying and stupid.
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    The Mighty Hurculies at 11:30pm?!!! teletoon retro what are you thinking of?!!!

    The Mighty Hurculies at 11:30pm Weekdays and 11:00pm and 11:30pm weekends?!!! Why, why, why an 11:30pm Timeslot?!!! Why not 7:30pm instead?!!! Very rediculous I must say!!!

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    Already, we don't even know if we will got new episodes of Garfield & Friends. The firsts 26 episodes have aged more than they think. Why don't they get all of the 121 episodes in a season while Fox released them all in a hiatus of 18 months (It was on DVD by 2004-2005, but i just got the two firsts and last volumes.)?

    Frankly, it's a very weak schedule the Retro got. This fall's French Teletoon Retro looks better in comparaison.

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    Wow, that fall schedule is horrible- WTH?! Looks like you can throw Teletoon Retro in the junk pile along with the other retro channels. I was excited when I read that they were adding The Mighty Hercules (one of my favourites from back in the day) but that excitement quickly faded when I saw the schedule- why are they airing Inspector Gadget & Care Bears so many damn times a day?? They could easily move Mighty Hercules to 10pm by getting rid of Inspector Gadget which already airs several other times during the day. Both series are Canadian so there is no need to keep airing Inspector Gadget over and over again.

    This channel, like most other digital channels, was quite promising when it first launched but has since gone downhill. I don't understand why they cannot acquire the rights to ALL seasons for the shows they air?! Teletoon Retro is a subscription service so in addition to ad revenues they also collect subscription fees. On top of that, the channel is available in the basic package on several providers (Bell, Shaw Direct, Shaw Cable, Telus) so I am sure it is doing very well. Instead of adding new shows they should be acquiring the rights to more episodes for the shows they currently air. It seems they are following Bell and Shaw's 'el cheapo' operating model- spend the least amount possible on programming while charging as much as possible and forcing BDU's to place the channel in a popular package with the most subscribers. I think this channel is done for- if its crap now, imagine what it will be once Bell gets its grubby hands on it?! :(

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    i thought the smurfs was supposed to come back this fall, but in their schedule i don't see it.



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