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    Dish pulls the VOOM HD channels

    Over the past few days it has been reported that Dish Network has pulled the VOOM HD suite from their service. They were running 15 VOOM channels in the suite, they removed 10 earlier this week and have now pulled the final 5.

    How will this effect High Fidelity HD in Canada who are running VOOM clones such as Treasure HD, Equator HD and Rush HD? These channels are already repetitive enough but with their parent source of programming likely about to shut down entirely can they find enough programming to sustain themselves?

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    High Fidelity HDTV has just signed a exclusive deal with Smithsonian Networks to air HD programming on three of their channels Oasis, Treasure and Equator. Maybe this is their way of branching out and finding new programming to fill their channels with since the VOOM channels may be on their way out.

    Full article:

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    The High Fidelity channels also have great IMAX and Smithsonian Channel HD stuff and commercial free movies, all in true HD. Also, Rush HD is not going to close internationally. I suspect that VOOM's departure from the U.S. domestic market will not impact the Canadian channels.



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