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    Jul 2006
    I still see absolutely no logic in Bell allowing Canadians to subscribe to Bellflix without a cable/satellite subscription. Just doesn't make sense from a money making standpoint.

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    I'm just waiting for the day Bell bullies the government with a platoon of lawyers into outlawing all foreign internet content just like they did with US satellite services forcing us to use only "approved" [read Bell] content providers. With foreign services banned yet again they will be free to charge [read gouge] whatever they want for their inferior Bellflix with no data cap restrictions as long as you user their service. Caps will still be in place if you sub to a competing streaming service provider. Expect the same from Rogers, Shaw and Telus.
    Not available on Bell TV
    Animal Planet HD
    Science Channel HD
    Speed HD
    Sun TV HD
    Cartoon Net HD
    Travel HD
    OLN HD
    AXS HD
    Encore HD
    Superbowl commercials
    Skinny basic Bell package and internet tv.
    Waiting for BluSky HDTV.....



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