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    Hunted on HBO Canada (BBC and Cinemax)

    Currently airing on the BBC, Hunted certainly features many running scenes (mostly frantic, some training) and makes use of too many different coloured filters to keep track of (green, gold, grey, steel blue and so on and so on).

    This pilot episode hits the viewer over the head with all of its style, but still manages to have enough substance to keep things from getting too boring ... although it comes close a few times.

    I'm a Melissa George fan, so I'll watch every episode, just like I watch every Wallander movie (K. Branaugh), even though some of them slow to a crawl and almost lull me to sleep (in a good way).

    Although Hunted's first episode had several entertaining moments, I still will need to watch at least another two episodes (about the time it then airs in North America) to figure out if I'm watching this series because I truly like it, or just because I like watching Melissa George. Either way, I'm glad she's back on the boob tube.

    Hunted pilot episode
    Overall Grade: 7/10
    Style Points Alone: 8/10
    [Hunted on HBO Canada]
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