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    BBM TV ratings info availability?

    I have noticed in the weekly TV Top 30 lists posted in that thread, the lists for particular cities that formerly accompanied the national list have now disappeared. And occasionally I have read columns or articles that mention radio ratings, or TV ratings just involving sports events, and sometimes it's vaguely implied that they have to get the info indirectly through others who pass it on to them. BBM Canada has a weekly list of Top 30 shows available on their site for anyone to see. But public availability of any more information seems to be something they intentionally attempt to limit.

    Does anyone understand how this works, and who they allow to access the information and if these people are not allowed to make any of it public? The Data Usage Guidelines on their website state they are "willing to grant a nonexclusive license to members of the media who write about television or radio. This license allows them to use and publish a limited, newsworthy amount of copyrighted data", with some other restrictions they describe. Does "license" imply that someone has to pay to get access to this information that BBM compiles, or can anyone who writes about TV or radio apply to get more information beyond the weekly national Top 30 lists?
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