And now Bell Tv has added more locals cause of the CRTC ruling and then they vary them by region, not right as some like me would say...all Locals should be made available for all Customers not just certain ones...I think It's time that bell would wake up and smell the coffee and stop keeping local channels out of Certain markets and make all locals like Channels from Edmonton, Prince George, Kitchener, windsor in all to every consumer in the house and not make them only available for areas served by local broadcasters after all we pay for them, I've looked foreward to CTS Edmonton and Calgary, Joy Tv Winnipeg and Vancouver and none have been made available in my market even OMNI Alberta and Global Okinagan and CTV Kitchener!!! It's not fair to customers and no one should be deprived of their programmming rights to have the locals restricted from areas especially Global thunder Bay or CBC Thunder Bay and CHAT Medicine Hat!!! Like Come on Bell don't keep locals from us...make all of them available!!!