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    Icon13 I hate Darryl Sittler !!!!

    Warning: I am furious with a former Toronto Maple Leaf player and I'd like to apologize for my bad language in advance.

    Douchebag Darryl SHittler is a pompous ass!

    We'll perhaps Never, Ever, Ever! get to see Sittler's historic 10-point game!

    So, it appears that Darryl Sittler has the only copy of the CBC broadcast for his 10-point night. He claims it was a gift and he can do whatever he wants with it. I say you should send the RCMP into his various homes and search for it!

    Sittler was a Leaf captain, but I'd like to rip that C off of his various jerseys and shove them down his throat.

    If you listen to the Sittler audio interview from Sportsnet (the audio link is embedded in the Toronto Star article linked below), Sittler sounds VERY proud of the fact that he's the only one with the full original tape of the game and mentions that he had it converted to DVD and claims to not know for sure where he's put the original tape.
    [Darryl Douchebag SHittler and his 10-point game tape]

    What a douchebag!!!!

    He appears to be holding out for a big payday, but the fact that the tape will eventually deteriorate, or his DVD copy(ies) could get damaged or lost, makes him one of the biggest Leaf douchebags on the planet.

    FU@K you Shittler!

    Am I overreacting? Perhaps, but if anybody now asks me if I'm a Leaf fan, I'm going to simply say that Darryl SHittler is a pompous douchebag!

    I can't even stand to listen or look at him on the YouTube video linked below:

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    Interesting story.

    I would have thought he'd like the attention of the game being shown again. Kids have no idea who Sittler was.



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