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    I just finished watching the pilot of The CW's, Cult, and I liked it.

    The pilot episode can be seen online and debuts on The CW and CTV TWO on Tuesday Feb. 19th at 9pm ET.

    [Watch Cult on The CW website, right now]

    I'm not sure if I need to see another episode, but aside from a few annoying characters/actors that turned me off, there are still enough likable ones that will most likely keep me watching for at least one more episode. After that, we'll soon find out if this show is good enough to have a real "cult following" ... I don't think it will ... but I'm going to pretend to love each episode ... just in case somebody from the show is reading this and is looking to "eliminate" the non-believers. Watch your back, Kevin Bacon.

    Pilot Grade:
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