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    Hannibal premieres April 4th

    It was announced that mid-season drama Hannibal will premiere thursday April 4th at 10pm...

    Yup! That thursday 10pm slot where every scripted NBC show gets cancelled.
    Regardless of your expectations towards the series, expect it to follow the same path as Do No Harm, due to that doomed time slot.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    I think its has a better chance as the show has a strong story line.

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    Hannibal ... Rest in pieces!

    That timeslot is a "dead zone" for NBC. It probably doesn't matter what show is placed there because it's automatically assumed to be DOA (dead on arrival). In fact, NBC's next "dead zone" show should be called DOA: The Walking Dead Zone.

    I really enjoyed The Firm (Canadian) in the Thursday 10pm timeslot (before it was dumped to Saturday for the graveyard shift), but even though that show was good enough to last 2 seasons, its life was cut short ... most likely due to the "dead zone" curse.

    If you want clues as to the fate of Hannibal, you need only to look at some of the cast and crew:

    Caroline Dhaverna
    is a fine Canadian actress (one of my faves), but she tends to pop up on many cancelled TV shows. Off the Map was her most recent cancellation, unless you count her failed pilot Over/Under, which was recently shown on The USA Network (I haven't had the time to watch it, but I eventually will -- an IMDB reviewer really likes it) as a mercy killing. Caroline was great on Wonderfalls (also cancelled), which was created by Bryan Fuller -- the same dude who happens to be responsible for developing Hannibal for television.

    Speaking of Bryan Fuller, he is not "full" of himself. I come to that conclusion based on the fact that he owns The Living Dead Guy Productions (whatever that is) and obviously has a sense of humor ... but almost everything he touches dies quickly. He's responsible for many misfires such as Mockingbird Lane (one episode for NBC), Pushing Daisies (ABC) and Dead Like Me (for Showtime -- it has "Dead" in the title, but I liked it a lot) which lasted 2 seasons (and a bonus DVD movie, later on) ... even though Fuller left after 5 episodes due to "creative differences" -- which might mean that Showtime thought his "creativity" was too "different" to tolerate, or that Fuller wanted to go even further beyond the scope of what Showtime desired. Fuller also did some work for the first season of Heroes (NBC) ... which was later cancelled after 4 seasons, but certainly not because of his involvement with some of the season 1 episodes.

    According to wikipedia, David Slade will executive produce Hannibal and direct the pilot episode. You may remember David Slade as being one of the executive producers and director for some of the Awake (another cancelled NBC series) episodes.

    I assume there is even more "proof" of Hannibal's almost certain failure, but unless NBC moves the show to a better timeslot, I'll guess that Hannibal will be pushed to Saturday night faster than you can say Anthony Hopkins.

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