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    Icon14 The Bridge Tv Series (Swedish/Danish Version) online

    Now that the American version of The Bridge (on FX Canada) is currently airing, I decided to finally watch the Swedish/Danish version (2011).

    I watched the first episode of the Swedish/Danish version followed by the first two episodes of the American version. I then watched a bunch of the Swedish/Danish episodes, followed by the three other American episodes.

    There are 10 episodes (about 57 minutes each) of the Swedish/Danish version (it's also been renewed for a 2nd season), and 13 episodes comprising the American version (about 47 minutes each, so far).

    Although the American version should improve as the rest of the episodes are aired, Diane Kruger's portrayal of the lead female cop pales in comparison to her Swedish counterpart (played by Sofia Helin). Her partner is also not as interesting to me as the one in the Swedish/Danish version. The two leads drive the story in both versions, but I just don't care enough about the American leads to be glued to my seat.

    I immediately gravitated towards the Swedish/Danish version; it's more intense and more tightly scripted than the sprawling American version.

    Although the American version is similar in style and content to the Swedish/Danish version, the acting and well-developed characters in the Swedish/Danish version are far superior. Even the plot variations in the American version failed to capture my interest.

    Don't believe me? Well, you can always watch the Swedish/Danish version on (it's also on YouTube, but the episodes are a bit scattered on various pages) with English subtitles. The online version that I watched had more complete English subtitles, but the dailymotion version (same as YouTube's) is good enough ... although I noticed that for the final episode it helps to know that "hey" can mean both hello and goodbye (or bye) in Swedish, and "bye" is unfortunately left out of the subtitles from time to time towards the end.

    Even if you hate the American version, give the Swedish/Danish version a try; you might be pleasantly surprised:

    Important Note: To improve the picture quality of the dailymotion streams to 380p, hover your mouse pointer over the picture and then at the top of the video stream you'll see the video choices: choose Medium 380 (if you choose Auto it might drop to a lower quality sometimes).

    [The Bridge Swedish/Danish version - all 10 episodes]

    Enjoy the ride.
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    Apr 2012
    I stand by my criticism of the American version of The Bridge. Unfortunately, it didn't get any better. It actually got worse.

    I just finished watching the 11th episode of it, which is where the story line of the Swedish/Danish version ends. There are still two more episodes of the American series left (perhaps FX Canada is one episode behind the Americans?), but I expect them to be just as bad as the others.

    I'm just glad I watched the Swedish/Danish version first.
    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.



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