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    TV Land, METV and a Western Channel needed for canada

    It appears that Both Deja View and Comedy Gold have lost their edge when it comes to airing reruns and none seem very retro like anymore and what this Country needs is a few more better Retro Channel and a Channel truly devoted to Westerns as well since the now defunct canwest killed Lonestar for Movietime now Shaw owns!!! METV(like KVOS Bellingham Washington/Vancouver B.C) would be a start to bring to canada as they have such a lovely variety of reruns and TV Land well we did have one til Bell killed it off and changed it to Comedy Gold!!! As for the American version they seem to have a better lineup as well and that would be another great one see made available since the Canadian version failed...But I guess we won't be seeing either one coming to Canada anytime soon and we'll either have to settle for 2 dispicable Channels deja View and Comedy Gold both of which have lineups that truly suck the most or better yet just get out and enjoy life!!!
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