Two things:

First of all, BBC World News is finally being offered in high definition on Bell Fibe... which is probably only exciting for news junkies like me.

However, at the same time, there's something wrong with the picture on the Al Jazeera English SD channel, at least on Bell Fibe. For the past couple of weeks, the picture has been stretched to the point where the edges of the screen are cut off. This is especially noticeable during the weather reports, when they're previewing upcoming shows, or during the station ID bumpers where they're flying over something while the logo forms on the side of the screen... the text and/or logo is cut off. This is the only SD channel in my line-up behaving like this. Watching AJE's live stream on YouTube shows the picture normally. Does anyone else have this problem when watching AJE? I'm wondering if this is an Al Jazeera problem or a Bell problem.

Also, has anyone heard any word if AJE will be offered in HD anytime soon like BBC World News? I know they film in HD and I believe it's available in HD in certain other countries, but not yet in Canada.