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    Degrassi now on MTV Canada

    First they premiered on CTV as Degrassi:The next generation then they went on to Muchmusic to be simply known as Degrassi and now The new season of Degrassi is now on MTV Canada!!!
    Though all three which are owned by Bell Media...It seems confusing when you wonder where is this show going as it has jumped from station to station...although the original Degrassi started on the CBC Networks as The Kids on degrassi Street then went onto Degrassi Junior High and then Degrassi High and then a Movie came out as Schools Out...The Degrassi movie...Years later degrassi re-imerged back onto TV and was given to the CTV Network which became Degrassi the Next Generation in which Spike's Kid Emma was all grown up and we all remember when Spike had Emma on Degrassi Junior High and Snake went from being a Student to a Teacher all the way to being a Principal now!!! Amazing to see that Stefan Borgan who plays Snake is by the far the only one who has stayed with the show the most!!! Alot of the Characters have gone like his Zit remedy later the Zits bunch Joey Jeramiah played by Pat Masterioni and Wheels played by the late Neil Hope!!! And of Course emma is no longer on the show and we don't see much of Spike anymore to whom Snake married and had a kid to on the show!!! I just wonder in the long run if we'll see Jack on the show!!! Yes Degrassi has jumped from network to network but it is what keeps Canadian Youth's watching!!! The New Season of Degrassi can now be seen Thursday nights at 9pm Eastern and Saturday Nights at 7pm Eastern on MTV Canada!!!

    Look back on Degrassi's airings

    Kids of Degrassi street(CBC)
    Degrassi Junior High(CBC)
    Degrassi high(CBC)
    Schools Out:The degrassi Movie(CBC)
    Degrassi:The Next generation(CTV)
    Degrassi(CTV later moved to Muchmusic and now MTV Canada)
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