For those how get FOX 29 Buffalo (WUTV) and MyTV Buffalo (WNYO) on their TV. I would just like to say it just seems worthless for FOX 29 to air Big Bang Theory at 6pm (then you have to find MyTV Buffalo just to watch the second episode at 7pm) and then back to back Judge Judy and then Two And A Half Men. Why would they stick a silly courtroom drama in the middle of good comedies.. plus because of this shows like: The Simpsons, The Middle and How I Met Your Mother are on way later at night. So to FOX 29 and MyTV Buffalo, I say that your programming is screwed up.. In my opinion Big Bang Theory should be back to back together on one channel and good comedies should stay earlier.

Like on FOX29:
Community at 6pm
Two And A Half Men at 6:30pm
Back to Back Big Bang Theory at 7pm

The Middle at 10:30pm
Two And A Half Men at 11pm
and Friends at 11:30pm

and MyTV Buffalo:
The Middle at 6pm
How I Met Your Mother at 6:30pm
Modern Family at 7 & 7:30pm

The Simpsons at 10pm
Family Guy at 10:30pm
Seinfeld at 11 & 11:30pm
then have that Law & Order: SVU at like midnight

Makes a lot more sense. So I say boot Judge Judy to the afternoon and air the good comedies earlier then later..