As more and more people visit online sources for their entertainment, the binge viewer is becoming an extremely important part of the television ecosystem.

A binge viewer is loosely defined as someone who watches at least three episodes of the same series in one day.

The American networks tend to have only the latest 5 episodes available for streaming on their websites, but would like to have ALL the current episodes available ( called in-season "stacking"), so that it's easier for viewers to catch up on missed episodes and then hopefully continue watching the newest episodes within the first 3 days after the initial broadcast (that's the time frame that the advertisers agree to pay the broadcasters for).

Netflix doesn't like that idea because it feels that it devalues the streaming packages that it also purchases from the studios. So, the easier it is for viewers to watch all the missed episodes online for free (on the networks' websites), the less Netflix is willing to pay for the series streaming rights (estimated to be about 20% less per episode).
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