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    This is odd, but now that the BBC is pushing towards some kind of authentication for the BBC iPlayer and Live viewing (has 2-hour rewind/FF option that free pirate streams don't have), I'm thinking that 2017 will be a bummer year for my Internet freedom.

    I can't really wrap my mind around the possibility of not being able to fully access the BBC as I do now (I don't use it every day or even every week, but I need that option to truly feel like a Brit). The thought of losing full access to the BBC website bothers me enough that I've lost my will to post about the Internet. It's like I'm in limbo, or on strike about promoting my love for the Internet, until I know what the future holds.

    ITV and Channel Four should still work, but I don't want to lose the BBC website and the live streaming possibility. I just love the freedom it offers without having to rely on pirates uploading the same content later on (often without the end credits, or full show due to incompetence), assuming that they don't skip shows that I want to watch. And a SD pirate stream that can't be rewound or FWrded, isn't as much fun, or convenient.

    Major changes might not happen until 2017, and perhaps true authentication that blocks my access might not come until much later, but I can't seem to shake the fact that I might soon be blocked from full BBC website access. Really? This has been bandied about many times before, but this time it seems to be something that will soon rear its ugly head.

    I'm a Canadian, but DNS trickery lets me often feel like a Brit, American, or Australian, etc. I like that feeling. Take that away, or limit it even more, and suddenly, I'm not a happy camper.

    I'm not cutting the Internet cord just yet, but I am cutting my voice until I feel confident that all of these threats of somehow blocking my access to the BBC website are just empty threats, that will eventually be overturned or discarded by UK uproar.

    There are already plenty of foreign websites that require authentication, thus blocking my access, but losing full access to the BBC website and live HD streaming (with the 2-hour rewind or FF option) is something that I can't tolerate. I can't even speak of the Internet, if I think that my access will be even more restricted than it already is based on the fact that I live in Canada.

    I need the loopholes to roam more freely, so if those loopholes get closed and stay closed, my voice becomes silent. If the Internet won't let me roam where I feel I must go, I have nothing more to say.

    I hope my voice returns soon, but until that time, I will be a lurker, instead of a worker.

    God Bless the BBC website.
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