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    Icon5 Too many things to watch ... not enough time to watch them ... it's time to choose!

    Because of the Internet (and partially the Public Libraries), I have been exposed to far too many below average, average, good, very good, excellent and can't miss content that I will simply never have time to watch ... even if I use DVD/Blu-rays (or the Internet) to get all the episodes at once, when I desire them.

    I'm going to make a Must Watch List of the content that I simply must finish watching before I get hit by a fast-moving car perhaps driven by Rob Ford.

    I will still sample some new shows, like Reign, (which I like -- just saw portions of last week's episode), but I will probably abandon them if my list grows too quickly ... which I expect it will, very quickly.

    The first thing that pops into my mind is Bron Season 2. I love the characters, but hate the FX version called The Bridge (though I still need to FF scan through the last 3 episodes - EDIT 1: I finished those 3 episodes, and only liked some of the scenery ... I prefer the actors from Bron). I will store the UK version of it called The Tunnel and watch it later.

    For fluff, I'm going with Dancing with the Stars Australia. I like Tina Arena and the fact that it's the Australian version of a lame show.

    I'm sticking with Covert Affairs as my middle-of-the-road action/adventure/babe show ... even though I'm far behind.

    I'll keep up with White Collar, even though I've only seen the pilot episode ... and enjoyed it.

    I'll stick with The Blacklist, even though I'm way behind at the moment.

    For magic/illusionist content, I'll stick with Tricked.

    I'll add more titles later, but I'm literally going to be deleting and purging thousands of hours of saved TV content and movies that are literally keeping me from sitting down to must-see-tv each night ... even though I've got enough to keep me busy for a very long time. The trick is to only watch the stuff that my brain needs to survive.

    Yes, I'm even dumping the fab Sons of Anarchy series ... unless I notice a new actress come on board.

    One day, I might even get to finish watching Broadchurch (even though I think I know who the killer is) and the countless other series' related to it that I still have stored. EDIT 2: I finished watching Broadchurch, but didn't guess the killer's identity. Good stuff.

    Damn, Internet.

    My Current Must Watch List (in no particular order):

    1. Bron - Season 2

    2. The Tunnel (UK version of The Bridge/Bron)

    3. Tricked

    4. Dancing with the Stars Australia (I must be crazy ... I'm watching this fluff?)

    5. The Blacklist

    6. Covert Affairs

    7. White Collar

    8. Reign (most likely only temporary)

    9. Almost any episode with Sarah Shahi (Person of Interest, etc.)

    Note: Some of these shows might get knocked off my list, as others come on board, but can you guys come up with your own must watch lists, just to see how different our various tastes are? How small can you make your lists without feeling deprived?
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    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.



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